Liberty Choir: Unlocking hearts through song

by MJ Paranzino in London, England, United Kingdom

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We're raising funds to bring music and song to marginalised people and prisoners through our Liberty Choir programme.

by MJ Paranzino in London, England, United Kingdom

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Rowena Whitehead 14th January 2020

I saw MJ and the choir on the Gareth Mallone documentary . I'm really inspired by your work - I'm a choir leader based in Cambridge and know what a difference singing makes to people's lives. I take my choir into lots of different settings to sing with people and we visited Oakington Reception Centre for failed asylum seekers to sing with detainees there over several years ( It is now closed) I love the 'full circle' idea of what you are doing - that the prisoners have a group to go to when they leave prison. I'm a member of the Natural Voice Network, a network of singing leaders ,, and what you are doing chimes so well with our aims and principles. If you are setting up groups elsewhere, I'm sure there will be singing leaders who will be able to support you in finding volunteers, venues, singing with you. Are you planning anything near Cambridge? Thanks, Rowena Whitehead

Jenny mairlot 13th January 2020

Saw the Gareth Malone programme based in Aylesbury prison. it was really moving to see how these young men were able to express their emotions through music, and feel this work is crucial to their rehabilitation.

oncebyton 8th January 2020

The gift and therapeutic qualities of music and singing can never be underestimated, it’s a right that we as a society should endeavour to extend to everyone.

Chloe Jones 8th January 2020

There’s so much wrong with our judicial system... Lack of funding for rehabilitation is one of them. Mental health issues another. Thank you to causes like Liberty Choir for your valuable services!

Judith Joy 6th January 2020

I had not heard about you until reading of Gareth Malone's project in The Observer. I was delighted to see the brief clip of your choir in the programme and wish your project the very best of success and happiness in the future.

Olivia Moon 11th December 2019

Liberty Choir The Liberty choir is a brilliant scheme which helps those within the prison system to find a creative outlet and become part of a supportive and kind community. There are so many glaring problems within the British judicial and prison systems, not only regarding sentencing but also the underfunding of prisons which we have seen lead to the isolation of prisoners, sometimes kept in their cells for all but one hour of the day. No human should have to live like this and engagement in programmes such as Liberty choir can bring joy and a sense of inclusion into the lives of those serving sentences. The improvement in mental health as well as the decrease in re-offending makes clear the value in this programme and it should be supported wholly by the community. Olivia Moon Yr 2 Law Student


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