Librarycamp 2013

An unconference about libraries - like a conference, but better. A participant-driven, Powerpoint free zone, where you set the agenda.

We did it!

On 28th Oct 2013 we successfully raised £765 of £500 target with 29 supporters in 56 days

If the LibraryCamp Crowdfunder pitch reaches its target, library workers from across the UK be heading to the brand new Library of Birmingham tin November to attend the LibraryCamp 2013 unconference. We want to improve libraries and in 2011 we decided to set up our own DIY unconference, because traditional conferences were too expensive and often staff on the frontline weren't allowed to go. Librarycamp is free, but we need to raise nearly £2000 to put it on and invite 300 participants.

Library camp is different - it's an unconference for a start  - a Powerpoint free zone, with no keynote speakers where anyone can suggest, lead or facilitate a session. There is no agenda until you create one. It's free to attend and you don't have to be a librarian or even work in a library, you just need to be passionate about the future of libraries.

Fixing the sessions

Past LibraryCamps have had sessions on gamification and libraries, linked data, DIY OPAC & DRM hacks, 3D printing and makerspaces in libraries, file sharing, social change, leadership, open source, open access, ebooks... more at our blog There are tonnes of photos from previous events on Flickr with the tag libcampuk11 or libcampuk12. Please support us and help Library Camp 2013 happen :)

Sessions at librarycamp

 Richard Veevers organising the campers

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