Li Doswell's Family Support Fund

Li Doswell's Family Support Fund

Li suddenly died on the 29 March aged 34. Today Li would have been 35. This fund is to ensure Li gets a headstone & support Li's family x

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On 20th May 2015 we successfully raised £1,069 of £1,000 target with 8 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

Li suddenly died on the 29 March aged 34. Today Li would have been 35. This fund is to ensure Li gets a headstone & support Li's family x

About the project

Li died far too young and left behind 4 brothers & 3 Sisters & his parents and step parents and his much loved long term true love Racheal & their dog Lola, togeter with many close friends.

We would like to be able to remember Li each year under an Oak at Radford Mill Farm on his birthday the 22nd of April and lay his body to rest beneth and live on through a Yew tree in St Nicholas Church in his home town.

We would also like to celebrate Li's lifew in the way he lived it and give him the send off he deserves....

Li Doswell's Eulogy by brother Kieran Doswell

Li arrived in my life when I was less than two years old. With Li as my brother it was impossible to be bored. Li never failed to turn even the most mundane situations into fun games. His boundless energy and enthusiasm always pushed the boundaries of what seemed possible.

Of course this led to much mischief sometimes on the boundaries of acceptable behavior but never over these boundaries as Li was the most considerate and thoughtful human being I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with.

Li's endless compassion and patience served him, our family and his community well. He always worked outside of the conventional paradyne uniting diverse groups and individuals through his music and creative endeavors.

Li would be most a live and enjoy himself most when he was helping other people enjoy themselves. As such Li loved to perform to an audience especially as a DJ & producer.

However he was forever changing his performance name to suit different situations and genres. He told me he had no interest in making a name for himself as a DJ producer he just loved to do it. His music can best be described as eclectic fusion, mixing movie samples and classic tunes from a diverse range of genre with electronic dance music ranging from Hip Hop & Dub to Techno & Jungle eventually settling on the edgy stage name of AbombAnation under which he performed internationally. He performed at various festivals and was a regular at the Trinity Centre in the early to mid naughties! Li also performed at various other Bristol nightclubs including the Blue Mountain, Black Swan and Lakota on a regular basis. However his heart lay where he performed most, at outdoor free parties & festivals especially those in warmer climates such as the Dragon free festival in the south of Spain and Frequency in Portugal. Li was a core crew member of the "Tons Of Sound System Entertaining Ravers"!

Li also worked in the more traditional paradyne of the third sector. Helping a variety of charitable causes including the Campaign Against Living Miserably & with countless other not-for-profit social benefit projects. Li was able to combine these two worlds and was instrumental in Bristols Autonomous Arts movement and helping home the homeless.

Li was also a keen volunteer and a volunteer coordinator at the Trinity Centre for Trinity Community Arts Ltd which later became one of Bristols 10 city council "key arts providers".

Li was an active member of the music time exchange project MELTS, a sort of music time bank. He helped build, install & test the first recording studio in the Trinity Centre which paved the way for the first music and creative centred training courses at the Trinity Centre in 2005 working with hard to reach young people not in education employment or training. These courses still run on a regular basis, however from a new recording studio which he also helped raise money and provide equipment for as part of the MELTS Time Exchange project.

Both as an adult and child Li was always adventurous and fearless.

I remember on one occasion a hundred metres or so off the coast of Spain near Almeria, we were both on the same lilo. Li was aged just 8 years old with myself aged 9, we saw what we thought to be Sharks circling as ominous shadows beneath the waves and being almost frozen with fear when Li looked closer and announced "its okay their dolphins" and when they eventually swam away he wanted to swim out further to follow them resulting in a sketchy return to shore passed the rocks at the edge of the Cove where we were camping.

More recently I was lucky enough to work alongside Li again and benefited from his help with Babylon Festival's and the Love of Dub. Later this year Li was booked to perform at our next Love of Dub event and to work alongside me in the coordination of an area at the Boomtown Fair.

More than my younger brother Li was an elder brother to our other 3 brothers and 3 sisters. As children and adults Li always kept us entertained and cared for us all, continuously looking after our general well-being.

In more recent years Li was much closer to our younger brother Markham who he often performed alongside playing back to back with our younger brother who's artist name is Ambisinister and helping him and their mutual friend Neil with their regular live music and DJ event Brewhaha!

Li loved to play back to back with different DJs and friends and share, learn and teach new techniques. Li's sense of family being much broader & stronger than many, with close friends being like brothers and sisters to him and the rest of us.
Li had many performance partners over the years. Including in their much younger days in the late 1990's Ed Garrett still a dear friend & who's current project is the popular live drum and bass group Run Tings.

Li was lucky enough to find true love with his girlfriend Rachel and they lived happily together and regularly traveled abroad over the last decade to places such as Thailand and Croatia. Together with their dog Lola it never ceased to amaze me how they made the most of every day they had together.

Since Li passed away I have been reminded of the many wonderful and personal memories we created together and now only just fully appreciating just how loved and integral he was to his extended family of friends and his community as a whole. I am left with feelings of appreciation and gratitude for the gifts he brought to our world but sad he is gone.

Although I feel reassured to know that the kindness and compassion he shared during his relatively brief stay with us will live on in our family & community for many years to come. Thank you Li....


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