LGBTQ Struggle in Poland - documentary film

by Rafał Betlejewski in Warszawa, Warszawa, Polska

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To change people's hearts about the LGBT community by sharing the truth about their suffering starting the day they were born.

by Rafał Betlejewski in Warszawa, Warszawa, Polska

Poland is experiencing a wave of anti-LGBTQ propaganda reaching the level of a state orchestrated paranoia. Gay people are attacked and abused. Hate speech pours from the mouths of Church officials and government reps. Polish TV is leading the way. The so called "true patriots and believers" claim they are defending the traditional values and protecting Polish children from LGBTQ community.

We must do all we can to shield the LGBTQ population in Poland and refute the false accusations. We can do that by educating people as well as evoking positive emotions.

Our aim is to change hearts of the people in Poland by showing them the truth about the LGBTQ community. And we wish to focus on transgender kids. Like Bartek - a five-year-old transgender boy, whose innocent face expresses nothing else but love. 

Bartek captured the hearts of many. The film about him has reached over 1.8 milion views and, we are proud to say, raised £20,000 for Bartek's future in just a few days. He is a vivid contrast to the Church officials who claim they want to protect children from LGBT people... Well, Bartek is a child. And he himself needs protection.  

The reality for many transgender children in Poland is harsh to say the least. Many of them are not accepted in their homes, ridiculed by their peers, rejected by the public. One can say, they are the most vulnerable group of people in any society, but in Poland - 10 times more. With all the Catholic credulous beliefs they are doomed before they can understand what is going on.

We have a bunch of amazing heroes lined up for the film. They all have touching stories to share and we plan to confront their families as well as schools. As you see on the picture below, I am confronting the headmaster of Bartek's kindergarden, who refuses to treat him as a boy. We have the team and plan - all we need is funding.

Please help me complete this film. I am reaching out to you, outside of Poland, because no major news broadcasters nor private sponsors in Poland would ever help us with such a project. The subject goes against the official propaganda and most of the people are simply too afraid. 

In case you wonder who the author is: 

I am an artist and journalist. For the past 20 years I have been reporting on subjects concerning social issues. I have experience in working within the TV industry and press, however for the last few years I have been operating as an independent freelancer.


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