LGBTI Investment Fund

LGBTI Investment Fund

Set up investment vehicles with an investment policy/section criteria of companies with strong diversity profile, in particular LGBTI

We did it!

On 3rd Oct 2015 we successfully raised £150 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

Set up investment vehicles with an investment policy/section criteria of companies with strong diversity profile, in particular LGBTI

About the project

Currently, there are no investment funds that have a portfolio of companies that are committed to the equality agenda, in particular LGBTI.

Either directly or indirectly, we invest via our pensions, life policies, ISAs etc. without necessarily understanding whether the money ends up with companies that support the equality and diversity agenda and therefore our own ethics

As a result, all emphasis is placed on financial returns with often significant bonuses to investment managers.

I strongly believe that we should look at the performance of our investment choices differently, adding other criteria such as the number of LGBTI people in senior positions, mentoring programmes and whether a company has an inclusivity policy etc. As a result, I believe that a company can retain talented diverse individuals that will drive financial performance.

I propose different options for this project depending on the funding received


Low funding raised - if insufficient funding is obtained, the money will be donated to an appropriate LGBTI charity to further the aims of this project. Also, the money will be used to develop the website to report relevant information to interested stakeholders


Moderate finding raised - establish a company and develop investment criteria with LGBTI diversity and equality at the heart of the investment philosophy. Develop an LGBTI dashboard to monitor a selection of companies and provide the results to a variety of stakeholders and investors. The process will be commercialised if possible to provide returns to those who fund the project as 25% equity will be available for those that invest


Significant funding received - Establish investment funds for external investors, for example, LGBTI fund (c); Diversity Fund (c); LGBTI Investment fund. Each with varying geographical targets. This process is /will be fully trademarked and subject to copyright agreement. Links will be established with relevant service support and IFAs as well as presentational material. Staff with the required expertise will be hired.  The funds will be set up in the name of the company established as noted above. The funds will be available to invest via ISAs, pension funds, life policies, etc


About me - I am a chartered accountant with 15 years’ experience in the investment sector. I am gay and work with a number of charities to promote LGBTI rights, in particular in the business arena. I am currently disenchanted with the way investment companies are run and the fact that there are no investment funds that support my ethical beliefs. I also believe that investments in these funds can change company behaviour and promote diversity of board members and senior employees rather than the current straight white male dominated boards with earning inequality


Please help and support businesses that are fully committed to equality and diversity and can back it up with outcomes. Too many companies have bland equality statements yet fail to promote or hire senior LGBTI people and do not provide an inclusive workplace. We can change that.

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