Vaudeville Studio Recording

Vaudeville Studio Recording

To record our concept album 'Vaudeville' in a professional studio.

We did it!

On 7th Feb 2018 we successfully raised £71 with 3 supporters in 56 days

Imagine a world of sight, sound and colour. You come here to our live circus to  free yourself from your dull daily drudgery. For here you are Harlequin! The trickster, the jester and our hero, Caleb.  Here, at last, behind the curtain and on the stage you are free to make your mischief really wriggle! 

We're Lewis Clark & The Essentials, a Bristol based four-piece playing our own very unique, almost post-modern blend of blues, folk, jazz, latin and just about every great genre of music out there. We've been together as a group for 2 years and the ball is really rolling so we want to do something exciting and just a little bit bold this year.

To tie in with the celebtations for the 250th anniversary of UK circus performance history we're looking for your help and support to fully realise our unique concept album based in the Vaudeville arts style this summer (2018). This means accordions, clarinets, bass trombones, violins, crashing symbals and a sound beyond anything we've created before! To tie in with our recent involvement with Pound Arts Centre, who are supporting us in our efforts, we seek to raise enough money to take the album into a professional studio. 

As an initial endeavor to demonstrate its artistic volubility, we would like to tour the show across the country on a short run of UK dates as Lewis Clark & The Essentials. We would then like the opportunity to take that show onto the road for a further round of shows and expand the idea into a full theatre based visual performance with a bigger band.

The Plan:

We want to produce an album that does testament to the time it's taken to compose. If you are willing and able to help support the project, we'll be able to take our unique idea into a great local studio with some of the best musicians. The project will run in two stages. 

1. Our initial visit to the studio will get us a modestly-produced digital product with the core of a five piece band. We can then use these recordings to interest the necessary parties in the arts world. As you can imagine, to fully visualise something as grand and exciting as 'Vaudeville' we need to generate the interest the project deserves. We need to get together with a small kitsch pit orchestra, a choir and a performing visual arts group. We also need something to help us put these shows on in a place large enough for our performing and interactive live show, which is where the recording comes in!....Which leads us to stage two-

2. We're currently in talks with the arts council, so that once we've recorded the album we can ask for the necessary funding from our backers to take our larger ensemble into the studio and send it out on the road with a small touring theatre group. This is where the real fun begins. This wont be a show where you can sit back and accept whats happening on the stage. We bring the stage to you. You wear your mask with the rest of us to lose yourself in the touring road show that is Vaudeville. With our extended funding we'll bring together the larger band, finish the recording, produce our CD's and head out on the open road!


Filthy money! Such is the scope of the project and the underfinanced nature of the live music scene, we really know how important your support is. We're asking for £5000 which seems insurmountable to us right now, but its the ammount we need to hire studio spce and pay the relevant musicians and engineer for the time. Without you we simply won't be able to get this project off the ground. So to show our thanks, for every pledge made, whether £10 or £100 we want to show our appreciation:

  • Pledgers can chose to select certain rewards in return for their pledge. Look Right to see rewards available ->->->-> 
  • For every pledge made you will receive an advanced digital release copy of our promotional album with a signed letter of appreciation. (this wont be publically available for sale until 2019!)
  • Every pledger will have their name printed in the album CD artwork (unless you tell me otherwise).  
  • Every pledger will get a public shout out and thank-you on social media (unless anomynous). 
  • Every pledger will get news of cheap advance ticket dates across the country and a guaranteed personal invite to the launch of our finished live show at Corsham's Magic and Mayhem festival (November 2018)
  • If we raise more than our target of £5000 we plan to make a music video with you! So you can put on your powders and paints and get crazy in a circus extravaganza on film!


We plan to get into the studio in June to record the finished draft of the project, so we've got just over 4 months! The advance promo of the album should be ready by the end of the summer. Everything going well we want to have an exciting new album and full touring road show with theatre troop ready for you by the spring of 2019.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and if whether you've pledged or not, you have the love and appreciation of a very grateful band trying to do something brand new! 


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