Refill Lewes

by franksusieq in Lewes, East Sussex, England

Plastic Free Lewes want to rid the town of single use plastic water bottles with help from the Refill Scheme.

by franksusieq in Lewes, East Sussex, England

We did it
On 16th February 2018 we successfully raised £290 with 21 supporters in 28 days

Welcome to the Refill Revolution! You’re part of a global movement of individuals and organisations who want to stop the needless pollution of our rivers and seas with plastic ... in particular single-use plastic bottles! In the UK we have some of the finest tap-water in the world - there really is no need for bottled water.  When you’re out and about, grabbing lunch on the go or travelling somewhere,  you may find yourself reaching for that convenient single use plastic bottle of water.  This is where Refill comes in. 

You can help us get started by donating the price of a single, plastic,  bottle of water and before we know it we will have enough to join the scheme helping everyone in our town be more healthy without ruining the planet and the oceans. Think of all the energy that goes into making the plastic bottle: the oil; transporting the bottle to all the towns and shops and train stations all over the country and then all the energy that goes into collecting them and clearing them up again. What a waste, when we could just drink FREE tap water from our new REFILL spots all over Lewes. Join us to make this happen. 

CITY TO SEA have informed us that we will no longer be charged to join their Refill Scheme! This is great news for the plastic free movement and all the towns that want to stop the use of single use plastic water bottles in their area.

You lovely people have all donated to this cause and we are no longer being charged BUT can we please use this money for our PLASTIC FREE LEWES movement for possible advertising, events and marketing PLEASE?

If you would prefer a refund then please let me know and I will happily oblige.  Thank you for your support.

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