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Spreading awareness of global issues through our engaging content while also promoting artists and labels in the music industry.

by Norbert Szilagyi in London, England, United Kingdom

Promoting equality, love and acceptance

Spreading social interactions in the trance community and to those outside of it will benefit everyone spiritually as this music genre emphasizes love, equality and acceptance, therefore this will help us reach more goals in fighting inequality and climate change deniers. We ultimately want to promote the artists such as the DJs and singers in trance as well as their record labels with our own promotional content that is designed to be engaging across several topics and genres.

Supporting the artists and the trance music community

The Level 8 Mentions rumors, news and talk show features reports on DJs’ live sets and discussing the events. We want to promote new releases and so we teamed up with Cosmic Gate to shoot a promotional video for their London boat party and club event at Ministry of Sound, where we will be interviewing them with our professional wireless branded microphone as part of our 8 ERVIEWS show which will feature interviews with artists at several clubbing locations in London, Prague and Amsterdam in the next two months. 

By talking about rumors and news in the trance and EDM world we will create interesting content and topics people would want to hear and talk about. Things go viral quickly on social media, especially since we know how to work out the right audience to target based on social factors, browsing and shopping trends and drive times to businesses.

The VLOG: Touching base with people on a personal level

The vlog itself is aimed at sharing positivity and to create a more spiritually awakened vibe by talking about our adventures and festivals. We have incorporated our day-to-day lives into the vlog and tried to make it as personal as possible in order to keep it interesting because we know that personality is everything in this industry. We are part of the AnjunaFamily which is a family-based concept of the British record label Anjunabeats that promotes unity and community. By attending these events we will be featuring random festival-goers and music lovers through our journey to give them the chance to have a voice and put their thoughts out there.

By attending these events we wish to interview DJs and singers in the backstage area and to promote their music as well as the venue it is in, this includes live streams through our social media platforms and the microphone. Our goal is to bring change into this world by linking trance with environmental awareness and by supporting other causes. 

Methodology and hyper-local marketing techniques for promotion

For the future we have planned to open trance music clubs around the world and to organize festivals involving trance acts on a merchant level and opening a festival outfit clothing line and stores. Using various influencer marketing techniques coupled with hyper-local marketing campaigns in which we have professional experience in, we are able to run advertisements efficiently using data from Demand Side Platforms.

These platforms deliver fast and easy analysis of social factors, shopping behaviors and demographic data which narrow down the target audience based on the allocation of Acorn types that reflect the type of population living in postcode sectors. This means that thematic maps can be produced of cities to determine where the demand for a specific product indexes the highest. This marketing method has proven to be successful for many targeted ads and products ranging across out-of-house, social media, TV ads, radio ads and press.  

Advertising our content across the world to targeted audiences will require a lot of time, money and effort put into as these marketing campaigns will have to be run on several media types across nations that index high for the sample population enjoying dance music and in some other areas, the potential reach of people who show any interest.

By providing clear, funny and engaging content to our followers and subscribers we are also influencing them to be more environmentally friendly as we will be doing collaborations with people who fight against climate change. This way we will reach recognition across many industries.

Equipment required

We require equipment to be able to shoot quality videos in order to be able to spread awareness about any of our ideas. In order to produce vlogs we need proper shooting equipment that entails lighting, cameras, stands, powerful computer to edit clips on and money to run ads across various media platforms.

Raising awareness of current and global issues

We will be collaborating with top influencers in the trance industry and outside of it. We love EDM and want to reach out to that audience as well while featuring their artists. By collaborating with the 16 year old Swedish Greta Thunberg who has challenged many Members of Parliament and the Prime Minister herself along with President Trump over their views and lack of involvement over climate change and global warming. Us being Geography students ourselves know exactly how important our planet is and therefore we want to help and actually make a difference.

What makes us so special? The lack of competition and our great ideas.

There aren’t any people doing this kind of thing in the dance music culture, reporting about live events, running a vlog and talking about live sets and discussing matters. We know for a fact that this will be a huge success as we know the market analytical tools that are based on demographics. 

We have a clear plan and can now oversee how this is going to go from now. We are looking for sponsors who are keen to invest in this project that ranges across many genres, causes and that supports social interactions, involvement, equality and meetups. The purchase of equipment is necessary for the talk show as proper lighting, cameras and locations are required for the videos that are shot in a professional and unique style that is very creative. 

We know what looks captivating for the eye in the trance industry and what kind of content trance-listeners are interested in as well as those who do not listen to this genre. Thanks to the socio-demographic and behavioral data  we can easily figure out which areas index highest for interest in various things, not just music. For instance we have the tools to spatially analyze areas to work out the best location to open a store of any kind based on drive times, economic factors, type of population in the area, household income in the area, etc. 

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