letspool - the university car-sharing app

by Connor Leak in Halesowen, England, United Kingdom

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Letspool solves the problem students face with the cost of travel. The car-sharing app will allow students to save hundreds each year.

by Connor Leak in Halesowen, England, United Kingdom

As a university student in the UK, I understand the importance of saving money. I found myself in situations where I was missing opportunities to go home because of how much it cost and the every day commuting to campus was burning through my money. 

That's where letspool comes in. I wanted to create a car-sharing application for students that not only saves money but provides them with so many other benefits. 

How does it work?

Using the app is simple. Download it for free (and no subscription required), sign-up, verify your student ID, select your preferences, and find your ideal car-share. You'll spend about 70% less than public transport and you'll get fuel contributions as a driver. 

How are we helping?

  • We support diversity and inclusion across Universities. Letspool helps students meet new people they may have not met otherwise. It gives students the chance to fulfil missed opportunities, due to geographical distance from the University Campuses. It promotes equality and unites students and creates a sense of community through social media platforms.
  • Students are moving further away and commuting more to cut costs. This is coming at the expense of their social experience. Letspool will give back what they are missing out on, by connecting them with other students whilst simultaneously cutting their commute costs.
  • Letspool will support the growing implementation of HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes which aid the reduction of congestion, single-occupancy car use and will reduce travel time. It will highly benefit areas with high levels of congestion such as cities during rush hour, where studies show most cars driving have only one occupant. Letspool will seek to increase the amount of HOV lanes in the UK by working alongside activist organisations such as bettertransport.org

Where the money goes

The money we raise will allow us to develop the mobile-app and release it in September for the new academic year. It will also allow us to set-up a student support network, where we will provide information and point students in the right direction. We are also creating more ways to get involved, by holding an informative student podcast where we will invite students to talk about certain topics.


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