Let's travel to support Cancer Research in the UK!

Hi everyone! We are involved in a Jailbreak: our goal is to get as far as we can! We need your support to raise money for Cancer Research!

We did it!

On 23rd Feb 2016 we successfully raised £264 with 25 supporters in 14 days

Hi everyone!

We are 4 international students from Kent University. Raul and Rebeca come from Spain and Raphaël and I are French. We're between 20 and 23 years old and studying Linguistics, Law and Psychology. 

We participate in a project called Jailbreak: our goal is to start from Canterbury and to get as far as possible in 30 hours, without spending any money  It is one of the highest earning events of the year for university charity fundraising. We need your support!

Many people go through tough situations and we think that this cannot be overlooked. In this sense, we thought it would be nice and helpful to create a team to participate to a Jailbreak. There are several teams in our university and each one of them supports an organization which is of interest to them and tries to raise some money.

Accordingly, we decided to raise money to enhance the Cancer Research issue. Why was that our choice? Amongst a wide range of organizations, we decided that this one was particularly problematic since it affects a lot of people quite randomly. We, as university students, are aware of the fact that not every person has the chance to be as lucky as we are. That is, to say the least, not fair and that is the reason we wanted to contribute our grain of sand to this cause. 

If you think as we do, please do not hesitate! Making a small donation can mean a lot. Every penny counts.

Many thanks! :)



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