let's talk about it

by A Helping Hand in Ardeonaig, Scotland, United Kingdom

let's talk about it
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The aim of this project is to get people talking about mental health.

by A Helping Hand in Ardeonaig, Scotland, United Kingdom

My vision is to produce a short film that has gets people talking about mental health. From psychologists and psychiatrists to patients and homeless people, I want to show the many facets of mental illness. But more importantly, I want to this production to inspire those who are feeling low, I want to reach out to people who are in need of help, in the hope that they can pick themselves up and seek help. Last year, there were over 6,00 suicides in the UK (most were young men) Talking about mental ill-health is one of the greatest things we can do. Spreading the word that this illness is not something to feel ashamed about, it is an illness that needs treatment just like any other. One in seven employees in the UK have a prescribed mental illness. The film will be made up from short clips of people talking on-camera. The film will feature those who have suffered from the illness – it will tell their stories. I want this to be a roller-coaster film, with some seriously emotional clips but also with some light-hearted and humorous content too. 44 million Americans are being treated for a mental health condition. I want this film to go viral! I want to get people talking about this film in workplaces, in homes and in social environments. Because, the more people talk, the more we can help those who need help. The team that will produce this short film will consist of: me (the producer and editor), Stephen (a sound engineer whom I have known for many years), a camera operator (Stephen’s chum) and Julie (the interviewer). Julie has experienced mental health problems herself and has spent the last ten years on antidepressants. We will all be giving our time completely free of charge. I have produced short films before, mainly social documentary material, so I am used to the idea of filmmaking. The money will be spent on travel, equipment and final production. We will be getting a professional editor to complete the final cut of the film. I will be setting up a dedicated blog and will be posting weekly on our progress. The log will feature clips as we go along. The final film will be hosted on as many platforms as I can muster. My aim is to get at least 100,000 views within the first year of release. This is an exciting project. I am passionate about mental health and I want this subject talked about around the world. Please help to spread the word, please help and LET'S TALK ABOUT IT.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

A personal mention on my weekly project blog

I will be setting up a dedicated project blog where I will post weekly progress updates. For those who pledge £20, I will personally thank them on the blog and, if they wish, I will write a little about the person. I can even add a link to the person's website or to their own blog.

£30 or more

A photo and expanded entry on my weekly blog

For those who are able to pledge £30, I will personally thank them on my weekly project blog, and they will have the opportunity to add their photo and bio to the blog.

£40 or more

A copy of the final production

For those who pledge £40 I will send them a copy of the final film (on DVD or by download). The will also get a personal thank you on my weekly project blog.

£50 or more

Before the final cut

For those who pledge £50 or more, they will receive a wonderful DVD of the entire project. The DVD will contain: interviews with myself and the production team, a copy of the specially written music, all the outtakes (there will be a few!), uncut interviews with all the participants, and all the podcasts from my regular blog. In all, the DVD will contain about two hours of material.

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