Let's solve immigration problems together.

We are crowdfunding to create a safe place for all people wanting to resolve current issues with immigration.

We did it!

On 26th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Immigrants and immigration is a problem for modern society.

Immigrants leave their homes, their families and their friends because they feel there is no other option.

Leaving everything behind that you know is not easy. Brexit just shows how bad immigration is for this country and how hard is to deal with immigration, but it doesn't solve the problem.

To understand immigrants and deal with immigration everyone should know where these people come from and why they have come to the host country.


We would like to connect immigrants , people hit by immigration with people what immigrants left behind in their homeland.  We believe this is the right way how to deal with immigration  problem. Create strong community of people from both sides to become one! Hate crime, racism and xenophobia are on the rise. Immigrants are one of the most vulnerable groups in our society.  With power of community we will be able to change something and act faster when problems arise. Together we should find solutions.

That's why we would create an online multi lingual HUB where everyone can find the answers, ask questions, offer advice and solutions. This online hub will be a safe haven where you can ask any question, submit your opinion, propose solutions  and not to be met with judgement and interrogation.


We would like to raise £5 500 to start this project.  This will be used on website creation ,online and offline advertising and creation of online petition platform.  Your support will also help us to produce impactful videos, buy data, continue with research.

Governments spend millions to avoid immigration without positive results, but we know that everything big on this planet grows from small seeds.

We are not pushing for any change in the law or regulation. We would like to unite people, bring them to one place and point  finger on problem causing immigration.


Modern governments have tools to avoid immigration in the early stage.

Create enough jobs, create safe environment for their citizens, give chances and opportunities to young people to get jobs post study. 

They should  guarantee  everyone a decent wage and keep all citizens motivated to stay in their homeland.

Most post communist governments are still corrupt and really doesn't care about their citizens. These countries are now part of European Union driven by corrupt politicians.

The future of the young generation is limited by ambitions of greedy individuals what has left them without another choice.

Millions of people, everyday looking for better place to live. They don't see a bright future in their home country. Many of them  live in democracy, but don't know how to use all tools that democracy provides to people.

Well, it's not just about Europe. Many people from Africa, Asia, America even from United Kingdom every day looking for better place to live!

A community created by our online hub can live in real democracy. We start in countries with real democracy.

With power of free speech, petitions addressed to politicians , showing the world what is wrong in their societies, put fingers on real problems ,we can change a lot of lives. We believe democracy needs active citizens in order to work and we know countries where immigrants come from haven't got enough active citizens.

This project will help thousands of people to think about their situation and show them the way they can deal with their problems in their country.

With your donation, we can work towards this by completing our multi lingual website, establish a fully-fledged organisation to deal with immigration problems and another problems arising in our society.

This is our vision. To create this world... To connect people... To help people...To create dreams of happiness and fulfilment.  To create a future for everyone.


We are a group of like-minded people with a range of relevant professional skills who met through the  Facebook groups. Many of us grow in these countries where immigrants come from and few of us help get rid of communist system in 1989 in Eastern Europe without any violence. Right now frustrated with situation around Brexit we feeling we had the opportunity to do something .We believe Brexit shouldn't happen. Governments - not just UK governmnet should deal with this problem in early stage . We know immigration wasn't only one problem why people say "Good bye Europe",but we know immigration was used as powerful weapon to divide people.

We will be communicating with you regularly via email so that you know how the campaign is progressing and how the money will be spent. We are working hand in hand with the team at Crowdfunder to make sure this campaign is run professionally and with full accountability.

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