lets smash it

lets smash it

I am trying to start a new company to allow people to attend and destroy things in controlled environment, safely and leagly

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

pim looking to start my business, in which i would like to set up a destroy it business....

We all get the feeling of wanting to break something either from anger or for fun... what i would do is give people a controled enviroment in which they can come in and pay for items we have in stock or bring their own property if they choose.

the total cost to be raised is to cover building cost's, insurance and set up charges such as safety equipment... along with getting together some items to be destoryed!

im looking for at verity of different items to bring in for distruction, printers, tv's, even cars where able!

this is a slightly diffrent project and many people will benifit from its use, to be able to releave anger and stress or just for a team fun day this will cater for all adults in the safest enviroment i can make.

im happy to answer questions so if you have any feel free to ask.


ihave selected keep what i raise, what ever i raise i wil use to bring this project to you and give you the best chance to smash things up!