Let's create a 100% vegan lounge in Worcester!

We're throwing everything into starting a vegan lounge in Worcester; now we need your help to make it comfy & beautiful!

We did it!

On 19th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £4,965 of £3,000 target with 127 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Wow! We can't believe how many of you have donated to us & so quickly too! We're truly humbled & will be working our backsides off to justify your faith in us. We've always had plans to turn upstairs into a seating area as well. However this surge in interest has told us two things: (1) There's quite a few of your interested in visiting! (2) With an additional chunk of money donated in the next few weeks, we could start work on it straightaway. This would mean a greater capacity, meaning you stand more chance of getting a table at those peak times, as well as giving you amazing views out over the Cornmarket Square from the first floor. We hope this excites you & that you might be able to help us make this a possibility sooner than we originally thought!

So, we've sold our worldly belongings (well, the house, the car, Anthony's trumpet; the usual), bought the lease (2, Cornmarket, Worcester, WR1 2DJ), registered the company ('Be The Change' Foods), are fine-tuning our recipes (Lemon Drizzle cookies anyone?) upgrading our equipment (Zoe finally has the blender of her dreams!) and people have already gone crazy for our cookies at vegan festivals (we've sold out every time!) 

But now comes the key bit- the bit that will convert 'Be the Change' from a 'good vegan eatery' into an awesome space that you just never want to leave...the furniture, decor & general vibe!

Too often when a new, cool & independent place opens up, money is stretched. And the first people to suffer are YOU- the super customers! You have to eat off over-turned crates, posing as 'hipster chic'; you can't bring your nan, because all the chairs are all reclaimed bar stools & are too high. And there's just one too many light fittings hanging down precariously for it to be 'part of the look'...


We want 'Be The Change' to be your second home. The place where you can be yourself, kick back, relax & be proud of the positive impact your compassionate choices are having on the world. And you can't do that on a crappy £5 steel chair.

So we're asking for your help. We reckon £3,000 will mean that right from the word 'go', we can make 'Be The Change' the vegan lounge you've been yearning to have locally since...forever!


We're not all take & no give. No, no, no! We've got some amazing gifts to give YOU, our donors, which will be great value for money for anyone who would be visiting us regularly anyway- that's YOU right?! Why are we being so generous? Because we believe that if you're investing in a vegan eatery before it's even opened, your faith in us deserves to be recognised.

So have a peruse & see what you fancy. We think we've put together a pretty cool list of stuff for you to get your hands on; but if you can't see what you want, or think something needs to be tweaked, then get in touch with us. After all, whilst we're the ones with the names on the official paperwork, we want this to be YOUR vegan homeland too!  Plus, this starting a cafe business is hard & scary work, so all vibes of positivity will be worth their weight in gold!

Get in touch!

All our love

Ant & Zoe


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