Let's reverse Brexit

by Let's reverse Brexit in Brighton, , United Kingdom

Let's reverse Brexit


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the aim is to reverse Brexit

by Let's reverse Brexit in Brighton, , United Kingdom

Since Brexit, the UK has experienced food shortages, and many of us are not happy with the all situations.

Impossible to work in the EU or travel without visa, buy second home and retire where you want, and for your children to study and live where they want

All this for what? Immigration?? that 's what they want you to believe but the real issue is Economics. When you had 200,000 of us leaving the UK, to retire in France, Spain or Italy and the government had to pay your pensions there, helping other countries 's economy to flourish while the UK suffers. 

So they 've lied to you and decided something had to change to keep you in England with you spending here instead of abroad.

Same thing for Covid, expensive PCR test are just a way of making you stay in the UK and not travel so that the government can recover some of their £400 billion borrowing.

We are a very powerful and extended network of lobbyist across the EU and we aim to go after every EU MP to change residency laws in the EU.

Basically like in Dubai, once you have purchased a property in the EU, you will be able to get residency card, to live, work and retire and for your children to join you if they wish and study wherever they want to.

We will together fight for your FREEDOM to choose where you want to live and retire, or work. this is only going to be possible by changing local laws in every EU country.

We will not let the UK government take away your FREEDOM. they want war so let's give them war and let's fight for your FREEDOM,

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