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by Ben Brookes in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom


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I’m aiming to gain funding to professionally record Three songs to finish an album. I’ve already recorded seven of the ten songs needed.

by Ben Brookes in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

My name is Ben Brookes and I’m a musician from Portsmouth. This is going to be my second album. My first was recorded in Minnesota and did reasonably well with being played across 300 radio stations in the states and the final track on the album being used on the MTV show “True Divas” I had the absolute pleasure to work with the likes of Greg Inhofer who was Bob Dylan’s very good friend and pianist, who played on the album “Blood on the tracks” Michael Bland who played drums for the likes of Prince and Dixie Chicks also Joey Molland, Randy Anderson (Guitar) and Mark Healey (Bass) of Badfinger made appearances on the album.
The album it’s self received massive critical acclaim and served as an incredible platform to push my music into the public eye! We also created some incredible visuals in the way of music videos that were put together by Emmy award wing videographer Dan Huiting and his sidekick/understudy Aaron Berger. This was an incredible time in my life And I made some incredible allies along the way!
This time round though, I’m doing things a little more independently and without a benefactor. I’ve already managed to pull together seven songs this far but need to record another three to complete the album. I are also planning on making a concept film to go along with the album to tell the story visually, Which will consist of a set of ten videos to tell the story of the album but all tying themselves together to paint a bigger picture. A friend of mine who is a very talented videographer has agreed to work with me to get the job done! Which has dramatically taken the cost of the project down.
Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, I lost my job so the album had to be put on hold. That was until a friend of mine mentioned to me, that it is a possibility that I could gain funding by starting a crowd funder. I really am super excited to see where this journey will go.

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