Lets Make June The End Of May!

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Lets Make June The End Of May!
We did it
On 24th May 2017 we successfully raised £23 with 3 supporters in 14 days

Lets Make June The End Of May! Billboards to persuade people not to vote for the conservatives and get may out.

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Having seen first-hand the damage the Tories are doing to the NHS, and the rest of society, I am helping to put together a billboard campaign to help people understand what is really happening in our country and how the election result will affect us all.

The Idea

We are crowd funding to produce a series of billboards to go up accross the country revealing the factual truth about the Tories. The intention is to release this in time to sway voters before the election.

It's styling will be punchy and engaging, and very much relatable to the individual i.e. what do most of us really care about and how will the outcome of this election affect me and my family.

What We Plan to Cover

1. Right wing media bias

2. Austerity - predominently NHS, education and police

3. Wealth inequality and tax evasion

4. What Labour proposes as an alternative

5. A conclusion of optimism and positivity for change

Before you go to the polls in this year’s general election, we think there are a few things that you ought to know.

Now you’d be right to assume that what you read in the papers is the truth, how could it be anything else? 

But the real truth is, the media…has a dark secret.  

Our most popular papers like The Daily Mail and The Sun are owned by billionaires who support the Conservative party and gain financially from their success. 

Even the BBC is biased towards them, because a few Conservative MPs are standing at the helm.

And if we, as humans, are repeatedly told the same messages enough times we begin to believe them…even if they’re not true.

You might say it’s clever advertising, but really, it doesn’t tell us anything.

It seems the Conservatives have made this election all about Brexit. And yes, it’s undeniably important, Labour also respects the referendum result, but what about everything else? The NHS, jobs, education... What kind of country are we actually voting for if we choose to vote Conservative?

Now, most of us want the same things in life. We want to live in a safe place with good jobs, friendly people, and good public services like health and social care, that will look after us until we’re old..and in need of a little help.

But, since the Conservatives came into power in 2010, we’ve had the longest squeeze in living standards and wages, our public services are failing because of cuts and underfunding, and we have an ever-increasing gap between the rich and the poor. This economic model is called Austerity.. and it’s a Tory favourite.

Right now, over a quarter of all children in the UK are living in relative poverty, homelessness is at an all-time high, and record numbers of people are using food banks just to survive.

The NHS is at breaking point. GP and A+E waiting times are getting longer, some hospitals have been forced to close. Cancer targets are being missed and people are waiting longer and longer for their operations, often in pain.

And it’s not because there isn’t enough money for our NHS, the UK has the 5th largest economy in the world, it’s because the government is chronically underfunding it and it’s clear that the Conservatives want to fully privatise it, just like in the U.S. Heck, Jeremy Hunt our health secretary co-wrote a book about this very plan. And this is the same tactic they used to sell off our railways and energy suppliers, and we know how well that went…expensive fares, and terrible service.

The Conservatives are also a risk to your safety. Cuts to the Police and the fire service mean many crimes aren’t being investigated properly, and some house fires aren’t being extinguished quick enough. Fire deaths have risen by 21% as a result.

And it’s the same story in our education system. School budgets are being cut, class sizes are on the rise, and teachers are being laid off or quitting due to the increasing stress and pressures.

One issue on many people’s minds is that of immigration. But on this, the Conservatives have only unrealistic targets and broken promises, and no plan to end the low-wage economy that causes division in our society.

And whilst some in the media blame immigration for all our problems, the super-rich continue to hide their money off-shore and avoid paying taxes…taxes which could be used to fund our public services properly. And whilst we’re all mad at each other, we’re not mad at the people making all of the money. It’s really that simple.

And have you ever wondered why the media is so anti Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party? Well because he threatens the elite…by proposing increased taxes on the super-rich, and on big corporations. It’s in theirinterest to persuade you not to support him.

And finally, what about climate change?.. the biggest threat facing our society and the world… well, Theresa May has closed our government’s climate change department.

But..whatever your opinion of Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May, remember...you are not voting for a person in this election, you’re voting for a party and what they stand for. So choose a party that best represents you.

The Conservatives can only promise more of the same: a failing NHS, cuts to schools and the Police, and a society that caters for the few, not the many.

But if you feel society should be fair, that there should be opportunity and education for everyone… if you value the NHS, a quality health service that is free.. and will be there for you and your family, then please consider voting for the Labour party who promise to protect and support these very things.

And if you’re worried about immigration, Labour have plans for that too, like cracking down on foreign low-wage employment, and reducing immigration to areas of the country most affected by it.

We have an opportunity on June the 8th to vote for a different kind of politics and to choose a new direction for our country.

Why should I not voteConservative? 29 nasty policies you shouldn't forget in the 2017 general election

1. The Bedroom Tax

2. Denying disability benefit to 165,000 people

3. Scrapping housing benefit for 18-21 year olds

4. The benefit cap

5. Massive hikes to tuition fees

6. Junior doctors' contracts

7. School cuts

8. £30-a-week cuts to the sick

9. Legal aid cuts

10. Making rape victims prove their ordeal

11. Calling £450,000 homes 'affordable'

12. Scrapping the Human Rights Act

13. Scrapping nurses' bursaries

14. Trying to bring back fox hunting

15. Snooping on all your texts, e-mails and browsing records

16. The great crackdown on unions

17. Slashing green subsidies

18. Only taking 480 child refugees

19. Scrapping child poverty targets

20. Trying to impose fees for court cases

21. Cutting inheritance tax for the rich

22. Making people show passports in hospital

23. Turning landlords into immigration enforcers

24. Social care cuts

25. The public sector pay freeze

26. The benefit freeze

27. NHS 'efficiency savings'

28. Mental health bed numbers reduced

29. Trying to hike council tenants' rents

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