Let's help a wonderful family create memories

by Al Giles in London, England, United Kingdom

Let's help a wonderful family create memories
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My aim is to raise funds to support Louise and her young family through her battle with cancer, giving the opportunity to create memories

by Al Giles in London, England, United Kingdom

Thank you for visiting my Crowdfunder page. 

I aim to raise funds to support Louise Chishaya, her husband Washington and their beautiful young family through this incredibly difficult and stressful time. 

Louise is a wonderful mother, wife and dear friend to all who are lucky enough to call her such. Unfortunately Louise has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer of the hormone system, Neoendcrine carcinoma. We all know Louise will continue to fight with everything she has, but it would be fantastic to be able to help her and Wash, by providing some extra cash for them to be able to take the kids and create some memories, anywhere they wish, without worrying about treatment, work, babysitters etc.

Any donations, big or small are hugely appreciated as every little helps.

If I can get support, I will have my head shaved and post the video of it happening :-) Those who know me will recognise that, whilst a token gesture, and with no pain involved, this will be quite a thing for me. As a middle aged man, I am quite proud of my hair, taking time to keep it well groomed, enjoying the fact that I still have it!

My daughter, Sofia, is actually more worried about this than anyone - she mentions me being bald every day and winces!

So, please, do donate to this fundraising appeal, I promise you I am going to look really odd with no hair, so along with the sense of well-being you will get from helping such a wonderful family, you will get to laugh at me!

 Thanks in advance for anything you think you can spare in support, it really is appreciated,



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