Lets get Radio SL on the road

Lets get Radio SL on the road

We are South Lanarkshire's best music station for all ages. We are a local radio station run by Media Hub International Ltd.

We did it!

On 25th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 28 days

 Radio SL needs your help to get on the airwaves and create a learning, fun, benificial enviroment.


Who are we?


We are South Lanarkshire's best music station for all ages. We are a local radio station run by Media Hub International Ltd who specialize in being the hub of media. Radio SL (Radio South Lanarkshire) is working towards being the best of the best for your enjoyment playing the music from the charts all the way back to the 60's


Local events and opportunities

We want to make sure that Radio SL is as involved in local events and giving back to the community as possible! We plan to host events, Broadcast events, Create voluntary opportunities to become a part of the station from a presenter to becoming a part of our events committee.



Radio SL is currently run from the Internet allowing our listeners to tune in from anywhere on the globe with an Internet connection! We will be working towards expanding to FM and DAB in the early 2020's to make Radio SL more accessible for our listeners to tune in!



Where can i listen? 

To listen to Radio SL you can go to the homepage and click the "Listen Live" button and it will open up a player or click here.


What will the money be put towards?

 The raised funds will be used for this years license fees so we can be fully up and running on the internet for you to enjoy.

Executive Summary

Radio SL is a radio station for South Lanarkshire providing music to the local area, teaching local citizens the different sectors of the radio industry and providing events and an advertising platform.

Radio SL has five goals:

  1. To develop a link with the local community
  2. To give people a different prospective of the radio industry for all ages
  3. Give the local community a chance to perform their skills such as preforming music to presenting on air
  4. Involve local schools.
  5. To be a sustainable business

Radio SL must raise awareness for community events, projects, charity fundraisers and local talent. We would also be involved in helping a variety of people from different backgrounds achieve their goals in the media industry by providing training, courses, advice and references.

Overview of Radio SL:

Radio SL seeks to bring in three types of listeners

  1. Concessions (60 plus) popular music from 60s 70s
  2. Middle aged (30 – 59) popular music from 80s 90s and early 2000s.
  3. Youths (13 – 29) early 2000s and popular music in the UK charts.

Core competencies

  1. The radio station
  2. Music compilations
  3. Helping to build up the industry within the community

So far we have been in a prototype stage. We have been collecting songs and now have over 11 hours’ worth of music from the 60s to Popular music catalogued. We have been operating since late 2015.


Head of the Radio SL project

Lewis Gilfillan

Radio SL

South Lanarkshire, Scotland


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