Let's Get Jonny on his bike!!!

Let's Get Jonny on his bike!!!

To help my coach and dear friend Jonny get a bike that is fit for purpose so he can complete the brutal extreme triathlon.

We did it!

On 21st Jun 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Thank you all for taking the time to look at this crowed fund project.

The aim is to raise enough money so that my coach and dear friend Jonathan (jonny) can get a bike that is fit for purpose to take part in the brutal extreme triathlon. 


NOT only is Jonny doing this once he is doing this twice!!. He is a massive inspiration to me and my fellow team mates. He has over come many set backs and broken body parts he even ran 74 miles on a broken ankle which is a massive testomennt to his character .Jonny has been involved in local community youth work programmes helping young people understand the importance of a healthy balance diet and exercise.  He does so much for so many I would really like to help him succeed at his latest mental feat!.

Jonny does have a bike but it's really not fit for purpose and he will and is planning on soldiering on as has no alternative and he won't back down from a challange!. I would greatly appreciate your help raising the money to buy him a fit for purpose bike . He really deserves your help no matter how small let's see Jonny not only finish this brutal extreme triathlon but finish it well because he has the correct tools.

Thank you in advance for or your help and support.

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