The Angus Cycling Festival

Our aim is to create an Angus Cycling Festival dedicated to the support and development of cycling within Angus, enhancing local tourism.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

What's the bigger picture? 

The Angus Cycling Festival began in 2014 as an opportunity for Angus Cycle Hub to gauge the interest in cycling within the region and whether or not there was a demand for further cycling development and support within the region. With over 500 unique visitors attending, it proved an overall success and has grown considerably since. The Angus Cycling Festival is open 2017 is its fourth consecutive year and we are need of support to make the festival bigger and better, building on its success as a tourist attraction for the region and an ambassador for cycling within Angus. 

Please help us to make the 2017 Angus Cycling Festival the most successful year yet!

How far will your pledge go?

Where will your money and your support go and what will it help us accomplish?

Without your support, the Angus Cycling Festival will struggle to survive due to the level of organisation and support required and the lack of continuous funding available.  Despite this we are still aiming to make the 2017 Angus Cycling Festival bigger and better...simply put, we want to blow everyone away! Your support really matters! 

So where will all your money and support go and what will it help us accomplish?

See below:

Amazing activities:

Insurance - £500

Every year we have countless enthusiastic riders that are ecstatic for the activities at the Angus Cycling Festival. A regular occurance each year, this is the only opportunity for all talented riders within the region to demonstrate their stunts, skills and riding ability in front of 1000 people! Help us make it a reality and through you assistance, we can ensure that there are no boundaries to the festival village acitivites and the smiles they bring!

Kids activities (Bouncy Castle, Mechanical Bull, Girosphere) - £750

We really pride ourselves on creating a festival suitable for all and there is more to it than's about community! Therfore, we always love to involve everyone, especially kids who adore an opportunity to let themselves loose on a bouncy castle (we all remember those days right?)! We're all kids at heart, and in addition to the bouncy castle, we have big-kid toys for those that want to test their hand at something else! This is of course the Mechanical Bull and Girosphere - knock yourselves out (not literally of course) and see how long you can hold on for! Once again, these are all hugely popular and attract many more people to the Angus Cycling Festival encouraging the growth of our community event!

Volunteer Support (Food, Expenses & Goody Bags) - £500

Without volunteers, there wouldn't be an Angus Cycling Festival. We owe its success to their commitment, and we like to repay that annually with as much as possible. This includes their breakfast/lunch included, goody bags with discounts, clothing, equipment and free passes to activities across our own and partnered events. These individuas deserve the best we can provide and we hope that you can help us to show our appreciation to them for their commitment and dedication to your community event.

Event Safety Officer -  £500

Believe it or not, months and months of planning goes into the Angus Cycling Festival and safety is a huge element that surrounds our entire event. In order to ensure the risks are minimised, we ensure that a Event Safety Officer is on hand for the entirety of the event covering staff, volunteer, visitor and participant safety. Your support ensures that the 2017 Angus Cycling Festival is a safe event for all (without an Event Safety Officer, the Angus Cycling Festival will not run as we will not sacrifice people's safety over participation). Thank you for your support!

What will you help us achieve?

The Angus Cycling Festival is running on the 2nd September 2017, and with a legacy of over 1000 visitors anually, we are confident its going to be amazing! Your support helps us make our community cycling festival bigger and better than ever before! From helping to secure activities for kids, young adults and supporting our volunteers, your donations will provide the foundation for a successful event and one that everyone in the community will remember! THANK YOU!