Lets get Amber to the enquiry into social care

Lets get Amber to the enquiry into social care

The funds are to help me get an airplane ticket to London to be PA and talk at Parliament and then back to Trinidad and Tobago

We did it!

On 13th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Hi well as you guessed my name is Amber, I was born in the UK october 26th 1986, I moved to Trinidad and Tobago when I was 15 years old with my mum.

So as time is not on my side and only have 7 days to raise 800 pounds, it's unrealistic that that will happen so I will take my time and hopefully by March- April  would have enough donations and public assistance to help me not just dream, but live my dream.

I'am a PA online and  if I get   a phone call I fly over to do whats needed and then come back home,  and I don't have enough income from my low paid daycare job to do this alone. So I have taken the plunge and lauched my mission on Social Media.

Think of me as a product providing a much needed free service for a family but this time it wont be just one family I will be helping I will be helping thousands.

I will be going to the enqiry into Social Care dealing with a heart  wrenching topic called forced adoption, the removal of a child without parental consent. What if there is another way ? what if they need not government funded foster parents what if they need government funded live in help ?

Yes Social services are needed but they are needed for abused children,displaced parents and children to be placed together in a home, yes invention is needed but puting family first  and maintaining blood tyes is needed too.

So basically I'm asking for help to be another opption, human product providing a service for those that need it b the only problem is I can't provide the service I'm offering  alone.

It takes a village to raise one child but it takes the nation to raise all the children in Britain that need help, assistance to not just grow but flourish in their own family home.

There is 3 sides to a coin but not all the  the right side is picked, children's welfare is paramount and there is more children in care then there is foster parents and adopters. So whats going on ?

Please donate to suport my wish to be a PA  offline and talk in the parliment. I might not be an entrepreneur but I have and entrepreneur heart and as I close I leave you with but one thought in life we ve to take risks on people, so please take a risk on me and I promise to be the best risk that you have ever took.

if in doubt Just think  of the famous quote by  Sir Richard Branson [Screw it lets do it]

Feel free to contact me at amberestwick74@gmail.com

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