Let's Get a Labour Councillor in Wallasey

by Wallasey Branch Labour Party in Wallasey, England, United Kingdom

Let's Get a Labour Councillor in Wallasey


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Help us to get Paul Martin elected for Labour in Wallasey.

by Wallasey Branch Labour Party in Wallasey, England, United Kingdom

We need your help to get Paul Martin elected a Labour councillor!

Last year Paul increased the Labour vote in Wallasey by an astonishing 28% and he's standing as our candidate again. 

About Paul

Paul has lived most of his life in Wallasey. He went to St George's (as his eldest daughter now does) and Mosslands. He runs two organisations in Liverpool that provide accommodation and support services for people at risk of being homeless and distribute food donations from businesses to where it's needed most.

"I rejoined the Labour Party in 2010 when Ed Miliband was leader. The Labour Party values align with my family values more than any other party. My grandad was a lorry driver, my dad was in the fire service, my wife is a teacher. I believe in the importance of trade unions. Everything around me leads me to Labour!" 


About us

Paul is a great candidate. But it's not all down to him. We are an active branch, out all year round door knocking; listening to local views and taking up local issues.  

We campaigned, alongside the Fire Brigades Union, against plans to cut night time cover at Wallasey fire station in Mill Lane - and won!

We campaigned against plans to close the NHS Walk-in Centre in Mill Lane, along with all the other walk-in centres on the Wirral. Our petition was put up in local shops and we collected signatures at the local train stations and on the street. Over 2,700 local residents signed to express their opposition to the plans and a final decision by the NHS has been deferred. 

We are campaigning against the loss of the 10/10A and 408 local bus services.  Thousands of residents have signed our petition and the Chair of the region's transport committee agreed to meet Paul to discuss the issue.  

"We call on the Merseytravel transport committee to work with the bus operators to reinstate these vital services" 

Paul Martin.

We had a stall out in Wallasey Village in September and again last month. We even painted the nearby public bench that was looking a bit shabby! 

We've taken up issues raised with our campaigners when they've been knocking on doors. We collected donations for the local Christmas lights appeal and members at our Christmas celebration donated gifts for Wirral Christmas Dinners, who provided a Christmas Day event for vulnerable young people who had just left care.  

Paul was also out every day supporting the Cammell Laird workers on their picket to fight redundancies and casualisation of the workforce.  

Paul was instrumental in getting all Wirral constituency Labour parties to call for the council to stop its contract with Kingdom to enforce litter and waste disposal regulations because of the company's punitive action against residents and, more recently, local businesses. The Council has recently announced that the contract has been ended by mutual consent and Paul is now pressing calling on the council to bring the service in house.

We have been out leafleting at local train stations against the Tory rail rip-off, highlighting the shocking record of delays, cancellations, overcrowding and average train fare increases of 36%. And we are supporting the "Keep the Guard on the train" campaign.

Paul would be a breath of fresh air. A great Labour Councillor for our local community.There are three Tory councillors at the moment and ten years of savage Tory cuts will have seen around 40% of our council funding disappear by 2020.  The council has been hit by another Tory austerity cut of £45 million this year - on top of the £200 million they have already lost since 2010.

"This last year we achieved so much. Working with the Fire Brigade Union in June to retain night time cover in Wallasey, ending the council's awful Kindom contract in March, campaigning to keep the walk-in centres open in December and the vital bus services from Arrowe Park hospital to Wallasey that so many people rely on in January.

I'll do everything I can to support the local community and local businesses, they are the backbone of our society" 

Paul Martin

We are out in the local community all year round. Everything that we use in our campaigning we pay for ourselves; placards; posters; leaflets; printed letters; the gazebo and tables for our street stalls; everything.   

We don't have a large fighting fund so anything that you can donate would be a big help! 

Your money will go to the Wallasey Branch of the Labour Party to help us fund Paul's campaign in the local elections that will be held on 2nd May. The work doesn't stop then.  Any donations left over will be put towards future organising and campaigning by Wallasey Branch Labour Party. 

There are other ways in which you can help:  

- Join us on Facebook  Wallasey Branch Labour Party  and Twitter @LabourWallasey and share our posts with your family and friends. The wider our messages get out the better.

- Help  us with door knocking, where we identify our Labour voters. It's a really interesting way of meeting the public and discussing our Labour values and our aims for rebuilding Britain for the many not the few. 

- Offer to deliver some leaflets. (We split them into rounds of about 200.)

- Speak to family and friends about our campaign and encourage them vote.

- Let us know if you would like a poster to put up in your window.

You can contact us via Facebook WallaseyBranchLabourParty, Twitter @LabourWallasey, our website Wallasey Branch Labour Party or email labourwallaseybranchcontact@gmail.com 

And now for the legal stuff.

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Promoted by Bob Blundell on behalf of Wallasey Branch Labour Party and Paul John Martin all of 6 Manor Rd CH45 4JB

Let's make 'Let's Get a Labour Councillor in Wallasey' happen