Let's Fix the Damage...

by GAGA UK in Cato Ridge

Let's Fix the Damage...
We did it
On 1st November 2017 we successfully raised £270 with 9 supporters in 14 days

To help cover the costs to fix the roof and ceiling damages at First Step Right School, caused by a recent storm.

by GAGA UK in Cato Ridge

Can you help us get First Step Right back in shape?


Last week, Durban and much of Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, was battered by a huge storm. Strong winds and heavy flooding brought extensive damage. It is believed that at least 6 people lost their lives in the storm. 

Schools across the region were damaged. 

9b09752ac8b8ac64db959c62d33bf4553d728de0 This image  (click here for original)  shows some of the floods in Durban caused by the storm. 

First Step Right School didn't escape the storm. There was flooding inside and out! Unfortunately, the rain caused damage to the roof and ceiling boards.  

First Step Right, a Lower Primary School, is set in the heart of a rural valley, Kwa-Ximba in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. As such, the issues of poverty and HIV/AIDS persist, and the need for an education and a good start in life has never been as important as it is here. GAGA UK has provided funding towards running costs of the school for over 5 years, helping to provide education to hundreds of children. There are currently more than 160 pupils at the school. We now urgently need your help to cover the costs to fix the roof, before any rain returns and further damage is caused. 

'The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.' (J F Kennedy)

That time is now, please help us.

Martin, the builder we have instructed to carry out the work, said 'there has been significant damage'. We want to get this fixed to avoid further disruption to the school, as well as further damage to the building and potential dangers to the children. 

Martin and his team will begin the work next week. We urgently need your support to raise the funds to cover all the materials and labour. 


These photos show some of the damage caused inside the school, and the problems the leaky roof is creating.

Please help us repair the damage as quickly as possible. 

3 of the classrooms have been immediately damaged, plus the (new!) kitchen. The wood on the ceiling boards is beginning to rot. Once the rain returns (which it's sure to do in the upcoming wet, summer months), further damage will be caused and the classrooms could quickly become unusable. 

Your donation will help us give these children an improved (and safer!) learning environment. £750 will help significantly towards the total costs (of £1,250) of the repairs.

Thank you for your support. 


Feel free to contact us, to find out more:



01789 414088

Facebook: /UK.GAGA

Twitter: @weare_gagauk 


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