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My sister in law Desperately needs help to raise the funds to pay for a solicitor

by Miss Laurisha M Rowe in Southend On Sea, England, United Kingdom

My sister in law has just fled a DV relationship after 13 years she had felt that enough was enough due to this she is now fighting in court for custody of her daughter 

Right now she does not have a choice and is leaving herself with nothing to survive on so she can pay her solicitor fees 

I have been collecting donations for her off of several groups on Facebook and people the last couple of days to make her house a home and to give her what her and daughter deserves but to also prove a point that she can do this on her own  

She has had to drop her hours from 25 to 16 a week due to having the world on her shoulders and not being able to cope  

 she is entitled to 12.54 extra a week of off uc it's ridiculous and is still apparently not entitled to any legal aid HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE 


She has thought many of times this last week about going back due to the fact she feels she cannot not fight him WELL LETS PROVE HER DIFFERENT if anyone can spare a penny or a pound it will prove she is not alone in this LETS HELP HER GAIN STRENGTH AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST LETS DO THIS TOGETHER 

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