Let's care together

Let's care together

I have been working opposite one of the biggest mental health hospital for almost 2 years, meeting some of the loveliest and most...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have been working opposite one of the biggest mental health hospital for almost 2 years, meeting some of the loveliest and most interesting people I have seen in my entire life, but sadly for them life isn't all that great, most of them have been in the mental health system nearly all their life and they have to overcome the difficulties of living in a hospital for many months and for some even years. most of them have no or very little support from family and friends, which is why they will be spending Christmas feeling alone once again. It's days like these many will feel unloved and not cared for and it just takes one small act of kindness from someone to show them that's not the case and people do care. people in mental health hospitals are often forgotten about and its about time we change that.

I would like to tell you all a story of a lady whose life I had an impact on last Christmas. knowing she would spend her time in hospital, I invited her over on Christmas day and I  have never seen someone so happy and exited. It meant a lot to her and I didn't realise how much until she said,  " you and your family made me feel like I belong in this world again"  this was her exact words and made me feel unforgettably happy for making her feel that way. no one deserves to feel like they don't belong, this is her world too, just like many others who feel the same way.  she has since moved away but we still keep in touch and she writes me letters regularly.

Even though my days working near the hospital are limited due to difficulties our business faces, I would like to show my support for the patients at bethlem royal hospital. 

With the help of caring people like you and me we can give them a day to remember and enjoy, I wish I could make a difference just by myself but I cant and ask of you for support to buy presents, food and drinks. If you have the opportunity to visit you can get involved personally and maybe invite someone over for Christmas that's not fortunate enough to spend it with their family, they will be ever soo grateful, I'm sure. 

And please remember anyone of us could be in their shoes, just like our physical health our mental health could deteriorate too and I'd like to think if that was to happen to you or someone you know, there's people out there who cares.

Thanks for reading even if you cannot help financialy it would mean a lot more to actually visit them, everyone can use a friend now and again.