Let's buy Hoopla a can of paint!

Let's buy Hoopla a can of paint!

Get Hoopla a can of paint to get a sign outside The Miller, so they can keep doing the amazing job they do for the London Improv Community!

We did it!

On 30th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £26 of £17 target with 5 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

Two cans of paint!!!

Because two layers is better than one!

Every year, Steve Roe e-mails the owners of The Miller and asks them the same two questions: "Can we have an extra night a week?" and "Can we write Hoopla! in the front of the pub?".

After many years of asking, they finally said: "If you pay for the paint, you can write Hoopla in the front of the pub". That's why we say:

Let's buy Hoopla a can of paint!

We're a very humble community, so we don't ask for much, just 17 quid to buy a 5L can of Wilko 15 Year Smooth Masonry Paint Pure Brilliant White. Of course, if you Improv lovers want to give more money, you're more than welcome to do that! All the money we raise will be given to Steve Roe and Hoopla.

Serving suggestion. Final brand and color to be decided by Hoopla!

Is Hoopla behind this?

Ummm, no! This was just a crazy idea that spawned after Steve announced the painting of the sign at The Miller. Hoopla is not involved in this directly, and therefore we can't promise if they will buy the can of Wilko 15 Year Smooth Masonry Paint Pure Brilliant White with the funds we raise. What you can be sure of, is that all the money we get (after commissions, and rewards) will be given to Hoopla.

Do you really need £17 for a can of paint?

Okay, okay, you got us. The paint can is just an excuse, we think that Hoopla (and Steve Roe) are making an amazing job and provide a safe space for new and experienced improvisers to perform. They get pretty much nothing out of these performances, and put so many hours and work into them! If you give money, you're doing a lot more than buying a can of paint, you're helping Hoopla keep running shows almost every night of the week!

Are they really going to write Hoopla! in The Miller?

If everything goes as planned, yes, they will! We don't have a date yet, although Steve said it would be in September.

Actual product may differ from the photograph

So, please please please, help us raise some money for Hoopla so we can keep watching and performing improv for many many years!!

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