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Studying a Masters in Food Sustainability will be a stepping stone for my work in advocating for a mainstream adoption of Sustainable Diets.

by Emilia in Kinghorn, Scotland, United Kingdom

Imagine a world in which the earth and the soil are restored and people are enjoying their natural good state of health. This summarises my vision and the work I am committed to.

There is no doubt that we need to drastically improve the current dietary trends. According to World Health Organisation, heart disease and stroke have consistently been the top two leading causes of death around the world for the past 15 years, and that is for both low income and high income countries. Nutrition and diet certainly have a huge role in both the cause and solution to cardiovascular diseases, as well as the unprecedented rise in diabetes, cancer and obesity, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, the earth is also suffering from our poor diets and from unsustainable food production practices. We are currently exposed to threatening levels of air, soil and water pollution, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss. Our food is filled with hormones, agricultural chemicals, genetically modified organisms and various chemical cocktails created in laboratories.

We can and must find ways of living healthily in a fully sustainable manner.

If we want to find real answers to the current state of health, if we are concerned about climate change and want to be a part of the solution rather than the problem, then we need to radically change our eating habits and relationship to food. Collectively, we need to expand our thinking and understanding of what “healthy food” means - beyond the calorie count or ingredient list. We need to incorporate sustainable diets which promote the use of resources, without exhausting or destroying them and we need to consider the food and nutrition security for both present and future generations. 


Who am I and why support me?

My name is Emilia Gordes; I am a freelance Registered Associate Nutritionist, specialising in Sustainable Diets and Environmental Nutrition. 

I have an Honours Degree in Human Nutrition and my passion for health, healthy food and nutrition has preoccupied me from a very young age, whilst battling with a wide range of health conditions. 

My background and upbringing in rural Transylvania has gifted me with a real experience of sustainable living on an individual level, and provided me with a rich insight into how food tastes like when fresh, organic, in season and grown by my family's hard work. 

For the last year I have explored, both theoretically and practically, what entails a sustainable diet, which has led to many changes in my eating patterns, my diet and my relationship to food. I currently live on a farm in the coastal Scottish countryside, where I experiment with growing fruits and vegetables and explore ways of living as sustainably as possible.

My goal and vision is to bring Environmental Nutrition principles to the core structure of mainstream nutrition education, nutrition academic practices, and society's understanding of nutrition. Sustainable Diets and Environmental Nutrition form the core principles of my nutrition coaching and consultancy business and it is the one subject I feel most passionate about. Through my work I aim to inspire, support, and educate people to reconsider their relationship with food and health in a most sustainable way. 

Here I am with my happy early harvest!

And here I am running a workshop 

What I want to achieve:

  • Building a bridge between Nutrition Studies and Environmental Studies and advocate for Environmental Nutrition in all of my work. 
  • Gaining the academic qualification, experience and expertise to further influence and drive significant change in both my nutrition business as well as academic educational initiatives.
  • Deepening my knowledge, understanding and experience in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences to complement my Nutrition Studies, so I can further integrate the two in my Environmental Nutrition work.

Find out more about my work at www.emiliagordes.com

and Facebook 

How I am going to achieve this?

  • To continue developing my project 'Environmental Nutrition Action' (soon to be launched at www.enaction.co) and my nutrition coaching business, which largely promotes Sustainable Diets.
  • By connecting my work with a wider network of organisations and governmental initiatives who are combating climate change and environmental collapse. 
  • Starting the Masters course: I have been offered a place on, a Masters Degree place to study Food Sustainability and Natural Resources at the prestigious CAT- Centre For Alternative Technologies in Wales from September.
  • By linking my work in Environmental Nutrition with CAT's worldwide network of climate change leaders.
  • By gaining access to published research material, which is crucial for my work.

What I will study? 

The core modules of the course are: 

  • Sustainability and Adaptation: Concepts & Planning
  • Environmental Politics and Economics
  • Food Production and Consumption
  • Cities and Communities 
  • Energy Provision
  • Ecosystem Services, Land Use, Water and Waste Management
  • The Science of Sustainable Food Production 
  • Dissertation Project

What will my costs be on this course?

I am a freelance nutritionist in the early years of my business and covering the costs for the course from my earnings is not possible at this stage. Therefore I am reaching out for your support through this crowdfunding campaign to help me cover my costs for the first semester (September 2019 until February 2020), which is a total of £4375. 

  • The tuition fees are charged according to the number of credits per module, so I will not need the whole amount at the start of the course. 
  • The course structure consists of Residential Weeks of intensive learning on site at CAT: one week for each module. This requires accommodation on site, for which I'd have to pay a minimum of £100 /week. 
  • To travel, Scotland- Wales and return by train will cost approximately £150 return for each module.

A little about CAT- Centre For Alternative Technologies

CAT is an educational charity dedicated to researching and communicating positive solutions for environmental change. 

CAT’s mission is to inspire, inform and enable people to achieve practical solutions for sustainability by directly engaging with the government and campaigners about policies that would help create a zero carbon Britain; From training students in all aspects of sustainability; helping schoolchildren to understand the importance of action on climate; to offering advice to householders on what they can do in their own homes, CAT's work in the world of sustainability is truly unique and outstanding. 

Over the years the centre has won a variety of awards in recognition for their work. Find out more here.

Here is a video about CAT's work, mission and site. 

With new climate change warnings being released almost every day, we must act now, and every individual, community, business and government is vital for the changes that are required. We need people with the skills, knowledge and understanding to make change happen, and I believe educating ourselves about sustainable practices is one of the most valuable resources we have.

If you share the same concerns about the fragile state of the earth and wish to see efficient action being taken to ensure a healthier future and a stable environment for next generations,  please consider joining me on my journey so we can build a sustainable food future together.

By contributing to the realisation of my work, you are supporting me in taking these tangible steps toward the vision of a sustainable, worldwide future for the food we produce and consume. 

My best hope is to facilitate a suitable and interesting  resource exchange with everyone through the Rewards I put together for this campaign.  

My sincerest thanks to all of you.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Journey with me

For each visit at CAT for the first semester you will receive a video with my progress, projects, and the highlights of my studying journey.

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Thank you note

You will receive a personal thank you note from me.

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15 Minute Nutrition Assessment

A brief outlook on your dietary choices or health concerns to bring more clarity for any need of future in depth nutrition work.

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First week impressions at CAT

You will receive an email with a resume of my first week at CAT, including photos, video of the site and my first impressions of the course.

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A 1-1 Nutrition Consultation

Whether you need reassurance that your diet is on the right track or need more specific help tailoring your diet to your personal health and lifestyle, a consultation with me will be most helpful. (Full price for this is normally £69)

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One Nutrition Coaching Programme

Embark on a deep and thorough health journey with me for 3 months and spend no more time postponing your ideal health. Not only will I coach you to achieve optimum health but I will provide you with all the information and support you need to make it earth-friendly too! (Usual price for this package is £237) Learn more about the programme on my website www.emiliagordes.com

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Sustainable Diets Talk

I will give a talk/lecture/workshop or seminar on Sustainable Diets and Environmental Nutrition


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