Let Lizzie Learn!

Let Lizzie Learn!

Help Lizzie raise £12'000 to make it to SOAS, London this September to pursue an MA in Southeast Asian studies!

We did it!

On 9th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £1,420 with 18 supporters in 35 days

Hi everyone! I’m Lizzie, from Singapore- the sunny island set in the sea~  I'm an Art History researcher, and finally made the decision to further my studies. This year, I was offered a place at SOAS, to do an MA in Southeast Asian studies in London. SOAS is one of the oldest and prestigious places for this subject. I’m lucky to have been accepted! I need some help though... I’ll be moving halfway across the world, and as you know, school fees are a major challenge to studying in the UK.

If the power of the interwebs can help me relieve some of this amount, I would be eternally grateful! It’s my dream for 2017 to do my Masters, will you join me in helping to thwart the capitalism of education?

In line with my crowdfunding efforts, I’m going on a budget campaign to save as much money as possible before school starts! The premise is to live on S$50 a week, for 4 weeks! This includes food, transport, and other small expenses that might come with living life.  Yup, I’ve done (some) research on food budgeting, and will strive to entertain you with how I stretch those dollars to make them last- all while trying to eat a healthy, balanced diet (as much as possible) This would besides, be good training for me when I go back to being a starving student.

Follow my Instagram, @letlizzielearn for regular updates on my adventure!!!  

Or, join me on facebook: http://bit.ly/2rng5F4

More important than money though, I need you to help me SHARE my cause! Please spread the word, because the more people who know about this, the better chance we have of reaching the target!!

My estimated, total cost of studying in London for a year is £40’000- I know, that’s a scary amount! (18k for tuition fees alone, and the rest for study, living, transport, visa expenses)  

I’m left to source for the final £10’000, which I’m super duper hoping the power of the people can help me with. I think it's an achievable goal! **Crowdfunder takes commission off what I get, which is why I’ve set the goal at £12’000. If we reach this amount, I will donate any extras to an NPO ^_^ 

On my own I’ve scrimped and saved to cover just around £10’000 of this cost (taking the crazy exchange rate into factor, this took me about 20 years lol). I’m going to be taking a private loan of £20’000, hopefully I’ll need to borrow less (NOT from my parents!) I hope to alleviate this amount ASAP through working part time while studying, and of course living frugally…as much as London allows.

I wouldn’t like to be a passive receiver, and don’t have much (except for my undying gratitude and brains) but will do my best! EVERYONE receives an acknowledgement in my Master’s dissertation, and a professionally produced ebook on Southeast Asian Art (est~ Nov 2018). On top of that, I’m also offering a bunch of other stuff! Check out the ‘rewards’ menu on the right -->, or just pick your own- any- amount at all you’d like to contribute! Feel free to talk to me if you’ve got anything else in mind as well ^_^, I know some of you are overseas and can’t be here, but if there is something I can do for you, I’ll gladly do it!

In 2016, I completed my BA in History. After working a couple of odd (but fun!) jobs, including a stint as museum counter girl, I landed a gig as a research assistant.  Researching Southeast Asian art history gave me the confidence in finally returning to my first loves of art, history and cultural heritage. I am now  a freelance art researcher, which is why I need to go study more about my region, to understand and know it better.  I’m interested in post-colonial politics of the region, the enduring effects of the cold war here, AND the art that has been produced out of all this. I believe we have something unique going on, and would like to place our significance in the arts on the world map.  

Please feel free to email me at: elizabethe.exm@gmail.com

Or, send me a message on Instagram! @letlizzielearn 

Link to my fb event page: Let Lizzie Learn

Thank you so much for your time!!! 

What's up with the 'frog'? haha. Sometimes I like to pretend I'm Rapunzel with my non scary gecko sidekick :p 

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