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by Martina Fabricci in Cambodia

Let's study foundation


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To secure the future of Cambodian children so we can help them study and live life free of poverty.

by Martina Fabricci in Cambodia

Every child deserve the same chance in life.

The Let's study project in Cambodia stimulates the creation of original books in Khmer - English. The project leverages the popularity of books to foster a new generation of storytellers and increase access to books that entice children to read.

An initiative of Martina Fabricci, Let’s study! fosters young readers in underserved communities in Asia. The project incubates innovative print and community-based solutions to improving access to high-quality children’s books in mother tongues, national languages and English.

Martina has been sponsor child and volunteer for many years and she has been travelling so much to see with her eyes how is the life in the poor countries. Here it is when she felt inside that she wanted to be a part of the change in better of these society and created this projects.

In Cambodia, a traditional view of the role of women accompanied by deeply rooted cultural customs makes it difficult to achieve real gender equality in the field of education.

Problems related to poverty have pronounced negative effects on learning opportunities, especially in the country’s rural areas. Among children aged between 5 and 14, over 18% are involved in child labour, and 79.2% have no access to education.

These issues are often aggravated by natural disasters such as floods or droughts (the 2016 drought is thought to be the worst since 1979), making it difficult for schools to adhere to the programmes devised by governing authorities. Poverty, malnutrition, health problems and disabilities are also more prevalent among school-age children, especially in remote villages.
These factors combine to give Cambodia one of the highest school dropout rates in Southeast Asia.


Martina is a volunteer, working to create and help children in their study and grow. The money raised will be use to print and distribute the education material to over many local community. 

Support Martina in her project's development and help the Cambodian kids to be able to study and have the same opportunities in life like you.

Thank you in advance for all your support.

God bless you!

Let's make 'Let's study foundation' happen