Lesley's Sponsored Weight Loss

by Future Choices in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

Lesley's Sponsored Weight Loss


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My health is at great risk and I feel losing weight again will help take a big strain off my heart. Xxx

by Future Choices in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

Heh, folks. How are you all? I know life isn't very easy just now to get on with but we just have to try and take each day as it comes. And most importantly help others that need help and support at this time. We cant change things but we all hope and pray that one day we will be able to find a vaccine for this terrible virus. 

Now, remember when I did a sponsored weight loss to help raise money for Huntington's and also money for the PDSA?. Well because of the lockdown I have and I am sure along with others put weight on again. I am waiting to see a heart specialist as my blood pressure has been all to pot, to say the least. Anyway, I have to lose weight again as it is putting a great strain not only on my body but also on my heart. As I am 2 stone overweight. As you know Future Choices is very close to my heart and I am missing all our wonderful members very much. Hopefully, we will get back next year but fundraising has to be done virtually now which is more of a challenge. We can't go out and do raffles and pub quizzes like we used to. So as I said I am going to have to lose weight because of my health problems. I lost a lot of weight before and I can do it again and I will do it again. I have a family history of heart disease so I need to do something to help my heart. But I need your backup and support so I can help raise more money for our charity by losing weight again. My health is at great risk and I feel losing weight again will help take a big strain off my heart. There is a great need and purpose to lose this weight as my health depends on it. Will you all support me with this? If so then thank you literally from the bottom of my heart. xx

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