Leon & Co - Baby Blankets

by Amy Davis in Stevenage, England, United Kingdom

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Ethical, seasonal baby blanket range. With parents’ peace of mind and babies comfort our priority.

by Amy Davis in Stevenage, England, United Kingdom


Leon & Co…

An ethically sourced seasonal baby blanket range

Take the guessing game away and grab the perfect blanket for your baby any time of the year. Keep them cool in the summer and cosy in the winter.

With parents’ peace of mind and babies comfort our priority. 

I’m Amy the founder of Leon and Co. An amazing idea originally thought up not long after my partner and I had our son, Leon.

My business is a baby itself - I don’t have big brand image, glitzy videos or an amazing team behind me.. YET! But I do have the ideas, the fire, buzz and commitment to get to where I want the brand to be.

So take this journey with us (a journey it will be!) and be here from the start of an amazing new product. Let me take you through my plans…… 

Why couldn't we find a blanket that met our needs?

I have had this question asked a few times so here it goes....

The idea of Leon&Co didn't come from not finding a blanket that met our needs for our little one, there are so many beautiful comfortable blankets available on the market today.

Our idea came from more not knowing what we should be using throughout the different. In an ideal world I would have loved to browse by each season knowing I was picking the perfect blanket to offer my baby comfort and ourselves peace of mine.

...That is where Leon & Co came alive.

The Product…

Ethically sourced! I am passionate about our products production happening in the most responsible and sustainable way possible. From working conditions to environmental impact – It matters to us!

The Blankets…

  • Each blanket will be made with a variety of knit/material to create the ultimate comfort for each specific time of year.
  • All will be endorsed with a Leon & Co logo on the flip side of the wash label.
  • To begin the brand will consist of 4 ranges; Spring, Summer, autumn, and Winter. 
  • Designs – Will have an all-over repeat pattern
  • Fun & fresh feel 
  • Predominantly a neutral/white background





So what makes our blankets different?

  • They give you the option to choose your babies comfort by shopping seasonally.

How will your backing help?..

Your backing will go into the first steps of helping make this dream of mine a reality and I want to say thank you for that! Thanks so much!!..

My page/business is in the running for a huge competition! – NatWest’s back her business bring it 2020, with a nice £10,000 worth of prizes up for grabs. This means I could be in for the best start to my business…

 The competition will back me £500 if I raise £500 from at least 10 of you lovely supporters.

Just some of the things funding will mean to Leon & Co….

  • I can start working on designs and getting samples produced
  • We can get packaging established
  • Create a website & branding
  • Start testing at markets and fairs

Why is our brand needed on the market?

  • We feel our brand would add another element to the baby industry
  • An amazing new idea for gift giving - Something different from classic baby shower/birthing gifts
  • Our brand offers ease of shopping and peace of mind.

Thank you so much for reading through my project! I can't wait to begin this journey with you all!





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