Lend me a Pound

Lend me a Pound

Pledge £1 to me and i promise to pay you back within 10 years #lendmeaquid

We did it!

On 29th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £5 with 5 supporters in 56 days

Good day to you all!

My name is Matt, aged 24 from Exeter in South-west England.

For several years i have been trying to get several businesses off the ground whilst completing both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies!

Unfortunately, due to some lacklustre effort in university when i was in my late teens i have been forced to the banks to fund the final years of my studies, along with my part-time work!

This has made it harder for me to accumulate funds to start the potential business projects i believe have the potential to be profitible ventures!

After much deliberation i have finally turned to crowdfunder to help get my dreams off the ground!

I am looking for each pledger to lend me £1, thats right only £1 and i promise to pay this amount back to all pledgers within 10 years.

Why?? i'm not looking for charity or hand-outs and have enough self belief to know that i can make good on my promise! 

It's only £1.. so why not? Take the chance!


Leave your name and email so repayment can be made!



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