Lemon Gift Box - A Quirky Gifting Service

by Lemon Gift Box in London, England, United Kingdom

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Our aim is to bring our gift boxes to the UK and be a game changer in ecommerce.

by Lemon Gift Box in London, England, United Kingdom

Welcome to our page!

We are an independent stationery gifting company and we started with no business loans or grants, just the (very little) money off of our backs.

Our vision is to create a company that you will love, trust and rely on for treating yourself and your loved ones. This, as you can tell, is not going to be an easy feat; but we believe in our dream so much that we're willing to work diligently for it and bring you along with us!

Your donations will be going towards us improving our services and upgrading where we can. For instance; 

  • Our website can get done professionally (instead of a basic theme). Professional website themes go from £200 and up, a custom job from a web designer is significantly more. 
  • We will be able to upgrade the online services that run on our website, we are looking to sign up with Trustpilot but the prices are very dear even for start-ups like us (starting from £149 a month! Yikes!). It's essential to prove to others that we are providing a quality service, so this is the investment our company prioritises among others.
  • We will also be able to get storage as using our residence will soon no longer be practical.
  • We plan to source an even bigger variety of goodies to go in our gift boxes and may do a subscription service, since we have had questions about it.
  • Getting our name out there is one of our main tasks. A greater marketing budget will allow us the freedom to get our message out to as many people as possible.

Sharing us with your friends, family, and social media means the world to us--so don't worry if you aren't able to donate. We appreciate any and all support. Would you like to chat with us and find out more about Lemon Gift Box? Feel free to drop us a message!

Thank you from the Lemon Gift Box team.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Gift Box Reward

This rewards comes with a signature medium box of your choice! It is packed with: 2 Blue Bic Ballpoint Pens 3 Black Bic Ballpoint Pens 4 Staedtler Pencils 1 Mini Pencil Case of your choice 2 Erasers 1 Metal Sharpener 1 Classmaster 15cm Ruler Pack of Colouring Pencils (either FROOT or Candy Colours) 50 Pack Sticky Page Markers FREE Mystery Gift Shipping will start once funds are cleared.

Let's make 'Lemon Gift Box - A Quirky Gifting Service' happen