Legally remove Sadiq Khan

by Keith pearce in London, England, United Kingdom

Legally remove Sadiq Khan
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To start legal proceedings to remove Sadiq Khan from his position as Mayor of London.

by Keith pearce in London, England, United Kingdom

The funds are to start legal action to remove Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London. Under his watch London is in total disarray with crime and murders over taking New York. We want Mr Khan and his lead team removed from office and all accounts examined for fraud or a misuse of funds. All his funding commitments to be examined and legal charges to be bought personally against him. All costs to be examined and the reasons for international travel to his homelands across Asia. TFL contracts to be also examined especially on going contracts. His position to insult world leaders shows his ego is far to big for the job and not representing the well being of the whole of the UK. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Be invited to a huge party free of charge for the removable of Sadiq Khan. VIP guest free T-shirt as shown please state size and address.

Let's make 'Legally remove Sadiq Khan' happen