Legalise Cannabis UK

by Legalise it UK in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Legalise Cannabis UK
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We believe the people of the UK are open minded regarding cannabis. We want to research opinions in all 600 constituencies

by Legalise it UK in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

We believe the legalisation of Cannabis in the UK is inevitable as on both sides of the Ocean Countries have legalised it and it has had many positive impacts.

We want to visit all 600 constituencies in the UK and conduct opinion polls, as we believe people overall will not object to legalisation. 

We will then write to all MPs giving them the results from their constituencies and the overall UK result so they can take their results to the Government 

We will use an example from the US from 2014 regarding health which is the most important factor when considering this;

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 30,722 people died from alcohol induced causes in the US (2014). If you were to include deaths caused by drinking related accidents or homicides, that figure would rise to around 90,000 (source: the independant)

According to the DEA, there were no deaths reported in 2014 due to marijuana overdose. A study of 16 years which over 65000 Americans participated in found that healthy Marijuana users were not more likely to die than healthy people who did not use it (published in the American Journal of Public Health) (source: the independant)

In the UK, alcohol is legal and is sold everywhere however Marijuana is illegal.

This brings us to our second point. Marijuana is widely used throughout the UK and is sold everywhere with money being used to fund and maintain criminality. If Marijuana was legalised, not only would it bring around 3.4 Billion pounds per year in income to the Treasury, it would open the doors to thousands of small businesses around the UK and the product would be regulated

As most Marijuana is being grown and imported criminally in the UK (we say most as the UK is one of the largest exporters of it), if it were to be made legal, the criminal element disappears and the strains would be more safer for users. 

Overall, we believe this is a worthy project and worth pushing forward.


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