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Hello everyone,

I really,really need help.

I am 71 years of age, now retired after a lifetime of hard honest work, mostly self employed, I saved hard and put aside a nice nest egg for my retirement.

My wife ran off 4 years ago after removing every penny that I /we had saved, but mostly me because I met my wife almost at the end of my working career and now realise that she must have thought she had won the lottery when she saw my bank balance, she had no money of her own and had been divorced for many years and brought up 2 sons on a small income.

I do have all the evidence that I have shared with her solicitor, I am either too honest or very stupid.

He knows that she is 100% guilty and yet he insists on trying to run rings around me and using the law to make a fool out of me at every ocassion he can.

I have Bank statements, solicitor’s letters and so much more information that shows her guilt 100%.

She can afford an expensive solicitor and barrister, I can hardly afford a pint of milk, she has left me to look after and pay for the upkeep and health of our dogs and marital home.

Her solicitor is running rings around me because I have zero legal knowledge and cannot get legal aid or help in any way.  He knows that she is 100% guilty of my allegations, I have been honest or stupid enough to furnish him with copies of all of my evidence, but he keeps lying to me and getting me further into trouble in the court with his sleight of hand legal tricks.

I have now had two major strokes and am now more than 40% disabled, I have trouble walking, holding a cup of tea, I now have almost zero quality of life, no more long walks with the dogs, no more nice evening BBQs with friends, whilst she regularly visits Los Angeles, Paris, restaurant nights out.

Altogether she has amassed nearly £500,000 and I have my state pension of £512. Per month.  She has more pension policies than companies that provide them.  On average she has a monthly income including her state pension, in excess of £2000.

I know that if I can win my case in court with the right legal help and advice I will at the very least be given a share of her monthly pension, which will ease my stress levels so much.

Is there anyone willing to help me, I have to return to court at the end of July 2017, so this is now fairly urgent as she is also now trying to get me to sell my home that I paid for, but she says she is entitled to half, but the hospital and doctors have written to the court to say that if I am forced into a move it will certainly kill me with the extra stress.

I have not mentioned above, that my home is here in Italy, I am now a resident as I have been here for ten years.  I have never paid into the Italian state system and yet they will grant me immediate legal aid, but this will not help for overseas cases.

I thank you very much for reading this sorry tale, I am happy to share any further information as may be required.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

Gerry, San Vito dei Normanni, Brindisi, Puglia, Italy.