Legal funding for unfair dangerous driving charge

by Jamie White in Bicester, England, United Kingdom

Legal funding for unfair dangerous driving charge


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2015 - 2016Since June 2015 I have had epilepsy, once I was diagnosed I surrendered my driving licence for the DVLA requirement of one year, ...

by Jamie White in Bicester, England, United Kingdom

2015 - 2016

Since June 2015 I have had epilepsy, once I was diagnosed I surrendered my driving licence for the DVLA requirement of one year, once I had found an acceptable medication level, through working closely with my neurologist and the seizures stopped for one year I reapplied and after the one year of being seizure free I had my licence returned to me after the DVLA concluded that I was safe to drive.


Having been seizure free for over three years I had an unexpected seizure when driving in December 2018, there was no drink or drugs involved. This caused serious injury to two passengers of the vehicle I hit, and I also sustained serious injury, I have no recollection of the accident, the first thing I remember is waking up in hospital. A week later, just after Christmas I attended a voluntary police interview where the officer leading the investigation seemed aggressive and called me a liar. Having never had any police involvement I was unaware of the process and unfortunately did not get a solicitor.

The serious injuries of the third parties I am not aware of, I was only told this at the police interview, however no detail was given as to what these injuries were. The injuries I sustained were a dislocated right elbow and a broken right arm causing tendon damage resulting in little movement to the fingers on my right hand, I attended physiotherapy for and did routine exercises to try and recover, I also required a metal pin in my right arm. My left wrist was also fractured and required it to be put into a cast for two weeks.


In January 2019 I attended an appointment with my neurologist, as given my lack of knowledge of the accident I felt it necessary to see what medical information there was and if it was actually a seizure, to my knowledge it could have been the other party at fault and my lack of knowledge about what happened could have been down to the trauma.

Once discussing things with my neurologist it was concluded a seizure had taken place and I surrendered my licence immediately.


Having heard nothing from the police I attended a routine appointment with my neurologist who advised me to reapply for my driving licence, which I later did. It was not until April 2020 that my licence was returned, however I have not felt safe leaving the house on my own to walk to my local shops, I took out a bank loan to purchase a new car, which I am terrified to drive, I have sat in the driveway paranoid about what could happen given how unexpected the seizure of 2018 was, this is something I am seeking counselling for, things have only been made worse through being furloughed as I am still wondering what happened. Earlier this month I received notice that I would be charged with two counts of dangerous driving and causing serious injury and that I would need to attend court. I would take the unknown injuries of the third parties if it would put an end to it.

I don't understand how it can be considered dangerous driving as it was completely unexpected after three years and I have made routine yearly visits to my neurologist and have maintained my medication routine and given my surrender of licence demonstrates that I understood the risk and looked to resolve it by monitoring the situation. The two counts of dangerous driving was for both passengers of the vehicle I hit, would this have been one count if there was only one person in the vehicle, or five counts if there were five occupants? My lack of consciousness caused me to not know anything about the accident. There is now the risk of a custodial sentence which terrifies me further as the stress of all this could potentially cause another seizure, and I simply don't know what prison is like or what support there is on the inside.

My insurance company have informed me that any payout will be third party only and therefore was the reason I had to apply for a bank loan. Fortunately I live with retired parents and so they are able to take me places, however I do not wish to burden them with this responsibility.

Therefore my funding request is to help to pay for my solicitor fees. I do not have to attend court for over two months. I am not sure if this will be sufficient, but it will help me to provide some funding. Please help.

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