Legal funding for Private Prosecution

Legal funding for Private Prosecution

To seek justice for an act of Malicious Communications.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I was subject to a horrific attack by a local news site.  

I left the news site a constructive, non offensive negative review of their reporting tactics.  I was then contacted by the editor by email.

He sent me an email and threatened to publish a story on his news Facebook page, calling me a paedophile unless I removed the negative review.  Rather than backing down, I contacted the Police.  The editor then posted the malicious article for all to see

At that time, his Facebook page had around 9,000 readers. The Police investigated but the editor blamed the attack on his Father who had passed away that week.  Merseyside Police backed down from the prosecution saying they cannot prove who did the typing.

I have the IP address and this was analysed and found to be from an address in Merseyside.  Police had said it was from the USA (incorrect)

I later contacted the editor (anonymously by email), this provided me with the same IP address, proving it was Merseyside and also proving it was NOT his now deceased father.

Merseyside Police were provided and still decided NFA.

I m hoping to raise funds for a legal professional to bring this case to a Private Prosecution.  I am aware I can do this myself and no cost, however, due to legal knowledge a professional in the filed would bring the case correctly.