Legal fund to sue James Dornan MSP Cathcart

by John Callaghan in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Legal fund to sue James Dornan MSP Cathcart


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To take James Dornan MSP Cathcart Glasgow to court for failing to represent me as my elected representative.

by John Callaghan in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

On the 14 oct 2017 I had to call an ambulance, due my vomiting black blood and passing out for several hours. This was later diagnosed as having been caused by a burst cancer tumour in my stomach, which caused a massive internal bleed resulting in Hypovolemic shock. Necessitating  major surgery to remove the tumour and a third of my stomach and 17 days in hospital. So its fair to say I was a tad poorly, you would think so.

After phoning the ambulance I went outside to meet it, again collapsing on the stairs outside my house, on coming round the ambulance crew had arrived.

The first thing the male paramedic said was get up and stop wasting their time if I do not get up they will call the Police and I will spend the night in the cells for time wasting. I told the ambulance crew that I had vomited large amounts of blood and had passed out three times and had difficulty standing. Both the paramedics  ignored what I said, again threatening me with the Police for being a time waster. Fearing I would bleed to death in a Police cell I made an attempt to pull myself up on the handrail outside my house not having the strength to pull myself up I fell again on the concrete steps. This is when the male paramedic said he had be in the ambulance service for a long time and knows a play actor when he sees one. 

This when the female paramedic said that she had had enough and said she calling the Police I again tried to get to my feet only managing to get to my knees. This is when they both grabbed me under the arms and marching me to the ambulance dumping me on the steps of the side door, refusing my request for assistance they made me crawl into the ambulance on my hands and knees. When I was lying on the ambulance floor the female paramedic told me to get into a seat or they would drag me out of the ambulance and leave me for the Police. They made no attempt to ascertain my true condition, all I received was depraved indifference to a fellow human being dying.

I contacted James Dornan MSP my elected representative at HOLYROOD, to assist in making a complaint to the Scottish Ambulance Service.

James Dornan MSP  had his office write to the Scottish Ambulance Service to inform them that I wished to make a complaint. This was the sole amount of his assistance, even though I asked his office to assist in the complaint and to ensure such a serious complaint was taken seriously. 17 months later I have still not had the opportunity to give my complaint in person. I believe James Dornan MSP assisted in the cover up of human rights abuses by the Scottish Ambulance Service as the deputy whip of the SNP. He closed my case on the 04/07/2018 without informing me, I only found out on the 11 march 2019 after visiting his office. He then sent a letter saying under no circumstances must I contact him again. Is this the SNP model of HUMAN RIGHTS centred representative democracy. Do nothing and when called out on it, just tell you to stop bothering them.  At  Holyrood James Dornan MSP said the following in a human rights debate," Everyone in Scotland has fundamental HUMAN RIGHTS guaranteed by LAW and set out in International treaties"

"When the people go to the polls they expect their will to be carried out by their elected representative to the best of their ability. And that is the very essence of representative democracy"  I wish to hold James Dornan MSP to this, MSP s must take on casework of constituents, it is as Nicola Sturgeon said on 24 Feb 2010 "I believe the first and overriding duty of an MSP is to represent their constituents"           " I will also continue to represent my constituents without fear or favour and seek to do so to the very best of my ability, because that, above all else, is the job that I was elected to do" 

I believe the Scottish Ambulance Service are in breach of article 3 and 6 of human rights legislation.

I believe this government is in breach of article 6 further compounded by it ignoring subject access requests. Ranging between 9 and 16 months old.

I expected James Dornan MSP to represent my interests, was he incompetent, complacent, covering up, no deeply held conviction on human rights,  just did not believe me or perhaps he just did not know anything about the case. It being left to constituency staff. It is this arms length approach to constituent concerns by Labour in Scotland that caused their decline. The seats are not yours by right. We vote you to represent us the constituent not your party.

I believe that it is important that James Dornan MSP should make history as the first MSP made accountable for not doing what they where elected to do. He did not think a constituent being threatened with arrest for have the temerity to be dying on a couple of Paramedics off day warranted any of his time. This is an issue that affects all of Scotland. Crisis in the Scottish Ambulance Service, And JAMES DORNAN MSP, DONE NOTHING. This is why he needs to be made accountable for his inaction. The Deputy whip of the SNP James Dornan believes Human rights are a serving suggestion. The debacle with Alec Salmond proves that this administration does not have an impartial complaints system. If you can not get it right for an ex Party Leader twice, First Minister, MP, MSP, Broadcaster and leading figure in British culture and politics. How are we plebs going to get due process?  This is not about James Dornan MSP s politics its about his indolence ,remissness and complete and utter dereliction of his duty as an elected representative regarding my case. It will be for the court to decide the extent of his guilt. If I receive the funding. Its time for Holyrood to debate constituency work, do you really want to do it?                                            

I am hoping 15,000 people will give one pound each, or more if you think its about time. Any left over money will be split between  homeless charities in Glasgow. So chip in Nicola.   THANKS                                                 ASK THEM WHY ?                                            

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