Legal Fees to fight Religious Discrimination

by Deeq Omar Kalif in London, England, United Kingdom

Legal Fees to fight Religious Discrimination
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Raise legal fee cost to Appeal against Employment Tribunal judgement and seek representation to fight against Religious discrimination

by Deeq Omar Kalif in London, England, United Kingdom

Stand up against Religious discrimination in an employment court, My case is based on me being a Muslim and having the religious freedom to have my religious beliefs be respected in the work environment. I have worked for Evolve Hospitality LTD an Agency as a Temporary Worker doing assignment as a Chef de Partie. My employer claims that they had no knowledge of my religious requirements despite having  informed them several times of my religious belief of not being able to handle pork items. I have worked for over 36 of their clients in and out of London over a period of 2 years, Consequently my employer has offered me assignments working with solely pork on two separate occasions after a period where i had on going issues and unfair treatment with members of the Agency. 

My employer has equipped themselves with a Solicitor and Barrister and I have represented myself in an employment tribunal on the 18/07/2018, due to my lack of legal knowledge they have taken advantage of that by using a frequently used legal tactic of determining an unreasonable PCP (practice, criterion, provision) to get out of the discrimination I faced.

This legal loophole is something many people who represent themselves in court face, this is to distance away from the actual discrimination which took place and to over complicate in order to dissolve the truth.  I'm raising money to pay for representation to appeal the judgement.

No one should have to face religious discrimination simply because one decides to practice or improve their faith.

Let's make 'Legal Fees to fight Religious Discrimination' happen