Legal fees to appeal Evan’s case

by Matt Titchner in Basingstoke, England, United Kingdom


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Please take the time to read this and view the video link on Vimeo below. I respect everyone’s views on such matters, please just respect ...

by Matt Titchner in Basingstoke, England, United Kingdom

Please take the time to read this and view the video link on Vimeo below. I respect everyone’s views on such matters, please just respect the cause behind the appeal. 

My son Evan Joel Titchner was born 15th November 2013.  Since birth I have tried to be the best possible father and role model any child could ask for. He has been at the centre of everything I do or plan for.  Unfortunately, the relationship with Evan’s mum ended acrimoniously and when he was 9 months old.

Throughout this time my time with Evan has been challenged and conditioned through false claims of domestic violence.  I have taken this to court twice already and secured 2 child arrangement orders, one in June 2015, the other in July 2017.  both hearings went the full distance to a final hearing. These hearings were both required because the other parent was focussed on the conflict they had for me not what father I was to our son.  There was no evidence to support abuse claims. the court awarded all of my requests for contact every other weekend, and half all holidays etc.  

I am now being accused again for a third time of domestic abuse.  This is now being heard in the family courts in Nottingham.  The background of the case remains the same. The accusations/allegations are centred around conflict the mother has for father (me) not what’s in the child’s best interest.

My son who has been used to seeing his father every other weekend and holidays. Used to talking on Facetime with his daddy whenever he wanted has now been stripped of all of this.

The allegations have prevented face to face contact since July 2nd 2020. Indirect contact was stopped July 18th and only resumed Sept 12th through recorded Skype calls.

The court have listed a hearing for March 11th 2021 for a fact finding hearing to take place. In the mean time until any evidence is heard either way, they have ordered supervised contact of 2 hours through a contact centre in Nottinghamshire.

Evan is receiving counselling for coping with the situation and when I speak to him he constantly asks when am I going to see you daddy! 

This is beyond heartbreaking and so destructive for a child.

So far the 2 court cases have cost me personally over £30k. I was made redundant and the fees to continue this battle are crippling.

I continue to fight this cause as you don’t quit on your child.  It’s the child’s right to have a loving fulfilling relationship with each parent. No parent should control this right or abuse this privilege. 

This time round I’m a litigant in person but I need legal representation for the review and for a case to be brought against the authorities that have failed Evan. 

Anyone that has experience with this injustice knows the suffering it causes throughout. The affects are far reaching and damage is often both physical and psychological.

All expenses and financials are covered from the other side through domestic abuse charities and legal aid. This has been the case throughout since 2015.  I am not entitled to any legal aid or financial assistance though any means.

I currently have official complaints with CAFCASS, MASH NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.  Anyone that needs help or wants to talk about/share their situation please send me a note.

The target fee is huge but just a fraction of what I predict the full case will cost but I’m hoping to get more contributions from media and other sources. 

Injustice in child matters happens to both sexes. It hurts the children.

Any help towards such an important cause is extremely appreciated. I will continue to put my energy and resources into providing Evan with the right to have a father in his life. One that loves him so very much. ❤️


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