Legal expenses for death Estate settlement dispute

by Rod B in Eaglesfield, Scotland, United Kingdom

Legal expenses for death Estate settlement dispute
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I am trying to fight a legal battle with my brother over my fathers estate.

by Rod B in Eaglesfield, Scotland, United Kingdom

I was appointed jointly with my brother as executors of my fathers estate. Initially I paid for and guaranteed all expenses relating to the funeral, ie, registration, casket, funeral meal etc. My brother took no part even though he was a joint executor. I then worked through gathering information from papers and prepared the registration of the estate and paid appropriate fees. 

There was a house which took many years to sell and was over that time vandalised and damaged I lived 75 miles away and had the drive down to sort out the issues.

My brother removed items that he wanted from the house but refused to supply a valuation for the estate. He seemed to think he was entitled to them. I arranged for utilities, Council tax payments, garden clearance of a massive garden on advice of solicitors for the sale, the expenses over a 5-6 year all but wiped out the remaining monies.

I finally was in the process of gathering in the final cash when my brother took out a law suit against me to supply a final breakdown of the estate plus all legal fees. He claimed £30000 plus legal fees which was twice one half share of the estate with no executry expenses deducted.

To date I have paid over £5000 in legal expenses to cover the cost of the court telling me what I already know. I have carried out all matters without my brothers help although I feel he is duty bound to help. 

It has made me ill I suffer from depression and has gone on for so long that it makes me sick to think what will happen. I have acted at all times with respect for my father and was lucky to have him till his 90's. I visited him twice a week, arranged for his home carers, paid all his bills for the last few years of his life, we were very close latterly.

I am devastated that my older brother can act this way and cause so much hurt to myself and my wife who is distraught with worry and we barely speak about this. We had wanted to enjoy our retirement and this legal action is set to bankrupt me without help.

If I can raise a fund to help with legal expenses to fight the case to conclusion I would be most grateful.

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