Legal costs for people who don't have the resource

Legal costs for people who don't have the resource

We would like to raise funds for people who have no means to pay for legal assistance in employment tribunals as well as civil cases

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Thanks for giving us the time and taking a look at this very important subject. 

We are trying to raise funds for people like myself who have been victims of unfair and unjust behaviour from employers or anyone else having to go through employment tribunals or other courts and through enforcement process's  which can be a very stressful time only then to win the case against my employer who does not pay.

We want everyone to have a fair chance and help them at least get their case's in court as over 60%  of people can not take action as they do not have the means to even take the first step 

I won my case after 2.5 years of stress and nearly loosing everything and it's still  not over !

My Empolyer did not pay me National Minimum wage and unlawfully deducted wage for over 2 years,  I gave him every chance to pay but he failed to communicate and failed to pay.  I then had to go through the prcoess for Empolyment Tribunals which I had to do by my self which I won in the end for over £22,000 which still has not been paid since the judgement in Feb 2017 but that's only half the battle then you have to enforce this again which again costs  it's very stressful and I'm still no closer to receiving what I'm owed but I will not give up 


We want to help people have justice, I know first hand how hard it can be to fight a battle in court with the elite who have unlimited amounts to waste on court fees and representation from the elite  and for someone like my self who can't afford those costs but has the heart to battle on without support that's what I want to change with your help want to help those who are disadvantage and who have a claim for success but no means to get it in front of the judge