Legal challenge to protect EU citizens

by EU citizens in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Legal challenge to protect EU citizens


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We aim to raise enough to be able to lobby and in the last resort, take legal action.

by EU citizens in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

The home office has recently stated that settled status or pre-settled status is not a proof of permanent residency.

And as we know they want to make it harder for EU citizens to obtain British Citizenships. some of us who already tried to apply were rejected on the ground that they did not have CSI ( compulsory sickness insurance )

Needless to say that if they could find a way to kick you out, they probably will.

Some of us who during that covid-19 pandemic, have faced financial difficulties and had to apply fo Universal Credit, were told they had to prove their residency status and give a list of documents for the last 5 years.????

We are raising funds to take the legal challenge through the courts and change the law to force the government :

1- to issue a confirmation of your permanent residency status on your right

2- to remove any requirement of CSI ( compulsory sickness insurance ) in order to obtain British Citizenship

it matters to all of us and your children that we take the case to the courts .

if we don't, the government could change the law and restrict your rights to use the NHS or any social services, to work or even stay.

We are trying to raise £10,000 to cover the barrister cost in courts and out of courts.

if we can raise more, we will have a better and stronger defence.

Thank You!

Let's make 'Legal challenge to protect EU citizens' happen

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