Legal action against mixed-sex prisons in USA

by Keep Prisons Single Sex in London, England, United Kingdom

Legal action against mixed-sex prisons in USA
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Rhonda Fleming is a woman incarcerated in Florida. She is bringing a legal case that mixed-sex prisons are unconstitutional.

by Keep Prisons Single Sex in London, England, United Kingdom

KPSS is supporting Rhonda in bringing her legal action against women's prisons housing prisoners of the male sex. At this stage we are crowdfunding to enable her to cover the costs of filing. This is her statement:

Hello, my name is Rhonda Fleming and I am a women in a United States federal prison that allows biological males to share showers, toilet areas, and prison cells with women.  

I love everyone and I mean this from my heart. However, prison should remain single sex for the common good of our society.

Women inmates experience sexual harassment and abuse from these men, of whom many are in prison for violent & sexual crimes. Many have committed violent crimes against women and in fact do not like biological women.

I am in the process of authoring a civil complaint, to be filed in the United States District Court, in the Northern District of Florida, asking the district court to grant a declaratory judgment that it is unconstitutional to house biological male inmates with female inmates.

I was raised by parents that NEVER taught hate or discrimination against any group of people. I have several family members that are part of the LGBTQ community and none of them support men being in prison with women. In fact, lesbian women in prison, have been my biggest supporters and protectors in this battle.

I would greatly appreciate your financial support to pay the court filing fee and additional costs. It is my goal to continue to petition law firms in Florida to litigate this case. But for now, we have to lean on each other and get this matter before a judge.

Thank you so much for your support!

Rhonda Fleming #20446-009

You can read more about Rhonda here:

All money raised will go into a dedicated bank account in the UK. Any funds left over will be used for our wider campaign work. Bank statements & accounts will be subject to independent review to ensure transparency & accountability.

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