Legal Action against eBay, Paypal & Julie Newmar!

by Lights Camera Action Limited in United Kingdom

Legal Action against eBay, Paypal & Julie Newmar!


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We are raising money for legal fee's to take legal action against eBay, Paypal & Actress Julie Newmar. Any excess will be donated to charity

by Lights Camera Action Limited in United Kingdom

I feel sick to my stomach. My whole livelihood has been stripped away from me once again due to the worst corporate online company eBay listening to false allegations from a bitter old Hollywood Celebrity over someone like me. I constantly feel sick to my stomach and I keep saying to myself "please let me die this time". This hell I am now living in is all down to actress Julie Newmar (Better known as the original Catwoman from Batman). Julie Newmar for years has been making false copyright claims against people, and crying the blues how "you are taking away money from my disabled son". 20 years ago in 1999 my colleague Paul who is also affected by this was living in Florida selling public domain films on eBay. For those of you who do not know what public domain is, it is any copyright material such as movies, literature, photographs etc which do not have any copyright or the copyright has either not been registered or has expired. As a result the copyright is now open to everyone & free to use. All this material can be found in the public domain library. They even have conventions called "burn conventions" which are old or rare movies which are in the public domain and people exchange movies etc. Julie Newmar got in touch with eBay 20 years ago and reported Paul for "copyright" and accused him of "how dare you take money away from me, I have a disabled son". Paul was selling a "B" Movie dvd that was in the public domain and starred Julie Newmar. Julie Newmar seems to have a problem with ANYONE making a penny out of her name (which is common with most older actresses who didn't make it in their career) even though she doesn't own the copyright. Julie Newmar thinks if her face is on a photograph or in a movie she owns the copyright to it. I used to have an actress friend who was also the same. It's a bitterness they develop when they see other people making money out of their name and they aren't making anything from it. Rather than do something about it, they cry and moan, and set out to destroy you. Julie Newmar is an old pro when it comes to reporting on eBay, in our experience alone she has 20 years of doing this, but here's where it gets ridiculous. Paul owns a plot of land in Florida which he had for sale on eBay last week, he also runs a hotel and was offering a "hotel stay experience" that he was also offering on eBay. These were 2 of the highest priced items we had listed on ebay....and guess what? Julie Newmar got the 2 listings removed for breaching her copyright. Thats right. Julie Newmar is now claiming she owns copyright to a hotel room & a plot of land in Florida. Why is she doing this? 2 reaons. The first reason is the obvious reason -she's trying to hurt us where it hurts the most... in our pocket. She put in 2 false claims "under oath" and filed a copyright breach against these 2 listings, leading to our charity account being suspended off ebay. A whole 10,000 items which we had been working our ass off for months on end. The main reason for her doing this period is because she sells the EXACT SAME items for sale on her own website, and she wants to kill any competition. instead of going in anyone else's pocket it goes in hers - even though she is not the copyright owner. I'm sure it is of no surprise to anyone that has been burned by ebay how they act like "the person in the middle" when actually they are not. How can you be in the middle, when you remove someone's account on false accusations? They are taking her at face value, and not even allowing us to prove to them that we infact are the rightful owners of what she is reporting she owns. I have a 36 minute phone recording of our conversation to ebay as they were suspending us. I tried to explain everything to them, from public domain to the background on Julie Newmar. They were having none of it. They had already made their mind up and we were branded a "significant risk" to ebay. Here's what really has made me sick. The eBay part I can live with, but just last night Paypal has suspended both our paypal accounts for good. eBay & Paypal like to tell you they are separate companies but they really are not. So not only are we being penalised off "fake news", but now paypal have suspended us for second hand "fake news". The sad thing is, our ebay page raised funds for our charitable organisation which helped victims of the entertainment industry. We had only been trading for 3 months and already made several donations including a recent £500.00 to Dame Barbara Windsor's fundraiser called "Barbara's Revolutionary's" raising funds towards Alzheimer & Dementia research. Now our livelihoods have been stripped away from us both because of this bitter old Hollywood actress making false claims. This is the world we live in now. People can make false claims against you and they are instantly believed. Bizarrely enough that is what our organisation fights against. But we have become victim our self. The irony. So who's going to help us? I STRESS....CAT WOMAN IS A BAD WOMAN! It's beyond bad though, it's just downright evil. I don't care whether I get attacked or bullied online by Batman or Julie Newmar fans. (which is guaranteed to happen). What she has done to us and many others is pure evil and wrong...And she knows it! I hope you are pleased with yourselves. You claim other people take money from your son. What you are doing to others is much worse. This isn't my truth. This is - THE TRUTH!



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