Leeds LGBT+ Sport Fringe Festival

by Danny Silk PT in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Leeds LGBT+ Sport Fringe Festival
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Continuous work in the community combatting Homophobia and bullying

by Danny Silk PT in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

We aim to deliver a annual program which is targeted at the LGBT+ Community and our ally’s. This will include a two week festival from 18th July – 5th August and will provide a range of activities in the lead up to Leeds Pride 2018. We will also deliver activities either side of the festival building on the engagement we have achieved.

This project has been developed from a previous pilot project we were involved in last year, where LGBT Individuals, organisations and group came together, this then resulted in the Fringe becoming a constituted group with a committee. 

Working in partnership with LGBT Community groups, film makers and experienced LGBT community workers we will work with LGBT people weekly and aim to engage 500+ LGBT people and our allies throughout the two week festival. We will deliver a series of workshops looking at; gender, sexuality and what impact this has on their mental health & wellbeing. What it is like to be LGBT in today’s society? Stereotypes & Preconceptions! What it is to be a LGBT role model? What would better enable the LGBT community to have these conversations and enable them to be able to talk about/express their feelings! 

After our initial work we have decided to create a resource to enable LGBT people to be able to talk about mental health and access LGBT services. According to public Health England 52% of young LGBT people reported to have self-harmed compared to 25% of heterosexual young people and 44% of these have considered suicide compared to 26% of heterosexual. The Trans Mental Health Study found that 25% of Trans people had thought about ending their lives, 37% had attempted to take their life more than once, 5% attempting more than 10 times. We have homed in on LGBT community from our initial work as we have found psychological barriers can be particularly entrenched. For the city it would provide a visible platform for this innovative work highlighting a topic that is usually hidden, therefore providing a safe space to address our aims. 

The negative impacts of experiences of discrimination and marginalisation, both direct and indirect, on LGBT individuals and groups are well established. The research suggests that there may be additional inequalities affecting LGBT people from BAME communities. Addressing this and prevention must be part of our approach to protecting and improving the community’s mental health.

The outcomes from this project and experiences of participants will all feed into the process of creating a resource to be used in the LGBT community groups and beyond with our allies. This project enables LGBT people to improve their health and wellbeing by working to address these issues at their earliest possible stage. This will raise an awareness of LGBT mental health and make it more socially acceptable to talk about their experiences. 

The participants will be involved in the creation of Vlogs and Podcasts, as not all participants may be comfortable being in front of the camera.  This ensures we continue to break down barriers for them to contribute to shape the final film and LGBT resource. The participants will learn skills around filming and creating a resource that they can use to influence others and tackle, discuss the issues raised within these workshops. The final resource will be an online and physical resource which will enable others to deliver workshops and have the challenging conversations and will continue the work beyond this project and contribute to the projects legacy.

We will create a social media/social action campaign which will accompany this project to raise awareness. The film will be created with experienced professionals/ film makers and shared widely and premiered throughout the Festival across Leeds. The film will be accompanied by stalls advocating LGBT groups and mental health & wellbeing services. This breaks down barriers and provides signpost opportunities for LGBT people to access provisions and support.

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