Leaving presents for R&C

by Chris Carleton in London, England, United Kingdom

Leaving presents for R&C
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To raise money to purchase worthy leaving presents for R&C, who leave the ATC on 17th April 2019

by Chris Carleton in London, England, United Kingdom

R&C have given over 10 years of service to the ATC and personally to those with whom they have come in contact. 

Such is the busy nature of the organisation that they most likely will leave with only a set of instructions from up top in the form of a formal letter and little else, as many have done before them. 

Given how much effort they have put in, sacrificing their free time and more, we believe that being let out of the back door quietly is not a fitting goodbye for such devoted people.

We are therefore looking to purchase a significant memento for each of them, something that they can keep and treasure for the rest of their lives, along with bearing the small costs of throwing a small leaving party for them at the sqn premises.

We are not looking to drain anyone's bank accounts, but given the vast number who have gone through the sqn, a small contribution from many should ensure that 17th is a night for them to remember.

**Please note** This is an idea that has been thought up and supported by many. R&C are not aware that this is being done, and to maintain the full effect of surprise, it is of paramount importance that it stays this way.

I will be managing the finances personally, and a full budget breakdown will be available to anyone who requests it to ensure all are happy with what is being done with the money that is raised. It will also be available in all Whatsapp and FB groups that are supporting this event.

You know where to contact me, and if you don't, find someone who does.

Chris Carleton

Former CI, 31 Sqn ATC

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