Learning to speak Italian

by Maria Costantino in Penzance, England, United Kingdom

Learning to speak Italian
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I need to learn how to speak Italian as I have recently found my birth family in Italy, they cannot speak English and I cannot speak Italian

by Maria Costantino in Penzance, England, United Kingdom

I am trying to raise the funds to pay for Italian lessons and any books that I might need , the course starts mid September but I am unemployed due to health issues and therefore do not have the funds for the course fee.

I was adopted as a baby and I am a middle aged lady who has finally after many years through the tv programme lost lost family been united with my birth family in Italy, unfortunately my birth mother had died the year before  it I have an amazing family who want to see me as often os possible. 

When I can afford it I fly to visit them as it is easier for me to go to them as there as so many .

The down side to this is that I do not speak or understand Italian and they are the same with English. I have promised  them that I will learn Italian this year, but this is something that I cannot afford but desperately need to do.

This is something that I would never normally do (ask for financial help) but this means so much to me and if I do not get on this Septembers course then I will have to wait another year and who knows may still not have the funds next year .

Thank you for reading this 

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